Santa Clara University

About SCU

Trustee Committees

  • iconExecutive Committee

  • iconAcademic Affairs Committee

    • Reviews reviews major academic policies and academic programs and recommend approval of substantive changes to the Board of Trustees.
  • iconAudit (and Compliance) Committee

    • oversees the accounting and financial reporting process of the University and audits of the financial statements;
    • assists the Board in oversight and monitoring of (i) the integrity of financial statements, (ii) the compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, (iii) the independent auditor's qualifications and independence, and (iv) performance of the internal and external audit functions; and
    • provides the Board with results of its monitoring and make recommendations as deemed necessary.
  • iconFacilities Master Planning Committee

    • reviews the planning for renovation and construction of facilities, and advises to the Board policies and conditions of the campus facilities and grounds.
  • iconFinance Committee

    • recommends policies and planning priorities to the Board, to review budgets and financial plans, and to monitor the financial performance of the institution.
  • iconFundraising Committee

    • provides leadership in raising funds for the University.


  • iconGovernance and Nominating Committee

    • ensures that the Board's membership consists of highly qualified and committed individuals and to evaluate the Board in the exercise of its responsibilities for institutional governance at the highest level of excellence.
  • iconInvestment Committee

    • delegated from the Committee for Financial Planning and Budget, establishes investment policies for the endowment fund, trusts.
  • iconMarketing Committee

    • monitors and advises the University on major integrated marketing and communications policies, goals and initiatives.
  • iconStudent Life Committee

    • reviews policies that impact the general welfare of students and major student life programs that are not primarily academic in nature, including co-curricular programs and student support services.
  • iconTechnology Committee

    • helps the University identify and implement ways to meet two strategic challenges:
    • use technology to enhance teaching and learning and support scholarship; and
    • use technology to improve service and productivity.
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