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Welcome from the Dean

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At Santa Clara University’s School of Business, our mission is to transform your future by opening doors and creating opportunity. We combine a rich educational tradition, a renowned faculty, and unparalleled connections to the most innovative companies in the world to create a unique learning environment. The Santa Clara Advantage is:

Our Jesuit Tradition
For nearly 500 years, the Society of Jesus has been dedicated to offering an education that promotes the Common Good. At Santa Clara, our students learn to balance the economic, social, and ethical consequences of their decisions.

Knowledge and Values
Business leaders need to understand the values that guide our society and apply those values when making decisions. These principles are at the core of the Business School’s curriculum.

Ingenuity and Innovation
Santa Clara University is at the center of the most innovative commercial region in the world. Our geography is our laboratory to explore the elements of business success, helping students discover and leverage their own ingenuity.

Theory and Practice
With a firm grasp of both theory and practice—what should be done as well as how to get it done—our graduates bring skills, insight, and confidence to every business decision.

Teachers and Scholars
The faculty at the Leavey School of Business includes renowned scholars who are also celebrated teachers. These committed instructors and dedicated researchers create the knowledge that is the foundation of modern business education.

Santa Clara’s Business School is looking for students to lead the next wave of business innovation and economic growth. With a Master’s degree from Santa Clara University, you can turn your ambition, enthusiasm, and optimism into action that will make a real difference in our community and around the world.


S. Andrew Starbird, Ph.D.
Professor, OMIS

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