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  •  Kristen, Biology/Public Health '16

    Wednesday, Jun. 11, 2014

    Hi! My name is Kristen, and I am from the beautiful island of Oahu!  I'm a sophomore Biology major /Public health minor here at Santa Clara.

    I am also new to the ACCESS Card Office and so far, I really enjoy it. I've been able to meet a lot of new people and I am learning a lot about the University.

    So far this quarter has not been the best. Midterms are approaching and I am still trying to adjust to my new schedule. During Winter quarter I didn't start classes until 3:30 pm! Now, I have an 8 am for the first time in almost a year. I am a night owl, which means I work best once the sun sets, so staying up until 2 am studying every night and waking up before the sun rises is really difficult to manage. I really need to work on going to sleep earlier, but it's always hard when you're always surrounded by a fun, social environment AND you have a lot of homework to do!

    I hope I can figure out how to get to sleep earlier, but if I don't, at least I have my coffee!




  •  One Card, Many Uses!

    Monday, Jun. 2, 2014
     Take a quick look at how the ACCESS Card works for you!


  •  Annie, Political Science/English '16

    Sunday, Jun. 1, 2014

    Hey there!

    My name is Annie McDonald, and I am a sophomore English/Political Science double major here at SCU! I just recently started working in the ACCESS card office, and so I'm very excited to get to share my thoughts with you through this blog! Spring quarter for me so far has been a little rough-I have 8 am classes every day, which is tough for anyone. Since I am most definitely NOT a morning person, it's taking a lot of coffee and a lot of naps for me not to feel and look like a zombie all the time. Additionally, I kicked off Week 3 last week with a nice bout of the stomach flu, but after a few days of rest I'm feeling a LOT better. I'm hoping in the next week or two I can finally figure out how to get to bed earlier and get adjusted to my early schedule, so that I can take on the rest of the quarter full force. Luckily for me, this is a pretty easy quarter in terms of classes and workload compared to the last few, and truthfully it is nice to get my classes over with and have the rest of my day free. If all goes as planned (and if the weather cooperates), I'm hoping to spend a lot of time in the sun by the pool this quarter!

    Hopefully, everybody else's quarter is going well, and that it continues to be awesome!





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