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Lab research A to Z

Exposure to research at Santa Clara set David Doroquez ’99 on his way to becoming a molecular biologist. In the lab of Biology Professor Leilani Miller, David got “an A-to-Z experience for how active lab research is performed.”

He learned how to think like a scientist: “We experienced a ‘living’ scientific method by making hypotheses, conducting experimental testing, and arriving at results and conclusions. We also read and critiqued the primary literature while learning how to write our own scientific articles,” he says.

Doroquez earned his Ph.D. in biology at MIT in 2007, and is now doing postdoctoral work at Brandeis University near Boston, studying how cells sense and respond to their surroundings.

David B. Doroquez '99, B.S. biology, Ph.D. MIT

Currently a postdoctoral fellow at Brandeis University




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