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Enjoying the college journey

With a B.A. in history and a B.S. in economics, two years as a community facilitator, and a year as a freshman orientation leader, Dale Johnson ’08 learned college is “your own journey and there’s no one set path—and as you figure it out, you have 5,000 other sympathizers on campus.”

As a community facilitator in the Unity Residential Learning Community, Johnson loved watching his residents grow in their interests and passions. “Everyone comes in with their defenses, and they eventually let that go and you get to see all their different interests.”

And his double degree kept him searching for the connections between disciplines. For example, “in economics, I’ve studied calculus, economics in developing countries, learned about the decisions of policymakers,” he says. “I pay attention when I go home and hear things on the news. I don’t accept others’ conclusions, but challenge them.”

Now he’s off to a new job in L.A. with APL Logistics, a shipping and supply chain firm, as a managerial associate for marine operations. He takes with him his SCU experience, and all that he learned about the world and himself.

Dale Johnson '08, B.A. history, B.S. economics

Currently associate manager for marine operations wtih APL Logistics, Los Angeles




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