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Putting principles into practice

Liza Dadiomov, Molly McIlhenny, and Corinne Kirmil, all class of ’10, are putting their eco principles into practice. The trio live on the seventh floor of Swig Hall—a place otherwise known as Slurp, the Sustainable Living Undergraduate Research Project.

A pilot program that is part of Cyphi Residential Learning Community, Slurp encourages students to make their daily actions more environmentally responsible. The 32 students on Swig’s seventh floor share weekly dinners in their community kitchen, with meals made mostly from organic ingredients, and try to take the stairs more often than the elevator. They recycle, of course, and even encourage each other to take short showers. The floor regularly host talks to improve the group’s understanding of environmental issues.

“Everyone encourages each other,” says Dadiomov. “It’s not overwhelming though. A lot of the changes are so easy to do. We can’t fix the problems, but we can incorporate little things into our days, and the little changes will make a difference.”

Every Slurp resident is involved with an environmental research project. Dadiomov, McIlhenny, and Kirmil are studying how students’ awareness and behavior change after they take classes that include sustainability in the curriculum. Surveys distributed before courses and at the end of the term will gauge shifts in perception and action.

Liza Dadiomov '10, environmental studies and psychology major

Molly McIlhenny '10, political science and environmental studies major

Corinne Kirmil '10, psychology and communication major




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