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Living and learning together

At SCU, students live and learn cooperatively in Residential Learning Communities,

Anthony Ramos is the Resident Director of Loyola RLC, a four-year community where students, faculty, and staff take an interest in faith and social justice.

Anthony, who grew up outside of Chicago and came to California for the first time to work at SCU, is proud of the many hats he gets to wear as an RD: “One of my biggest joys is working with the student staff in the community; we work tirelessly to create programs and events for our community members. I'm in the hall often to meet with students and assisting at our community functions.”

Some of the experiences at Loyola that stay with him are the events that bring the whole community together to share their talents and their thoughts. “I enjoy the community dinners, especially when our upperclass students work to create incredible meals for incoming students. This year, I led a class on diversity and social justice issues and enjoyed the discussions with students on topics that may be challenging to talk about, but are often not talked about enough. And a staple program of this community is Tuesday Night Liturgies at 10 p.m. each week. Students come together to share in various faith practices, meditations, and similar forms of spiritual expression.”

Anthony Ramos
Resident director of Loyola RLC




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