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Become More at SCU

How and why did you first get involved with your service?

Being an international business minor, I was excited to learn about SCU's Global Social Benefit Fellowship, through which I knew I would travel abroad and experience an unfamiliar culture. Although I hadn’t heard of the term social entrepreneurship at that time, the expression intrigued me because it suggested an untraditional and stimulating business experience. After doing some research, I began to understand how many entrepreneurs are applying their business skills to create and sustain an impactful service, and I wanted to contribute similarly.

How do you feel you have empowered others to become more through your service? 

Through my travels to urban and remote parts of Nepal, I created several friendships with people very different from myself. Interacting was often difficult (especially due to the language barrier), but every conversation made me more aware of both the nuances among cultures and the commonalities among human beings. I believe that in a similar way, these interactions empowered others to become more aware and understanding of the complexities of today’s global world.

How has this influenced what you want to do next? 

Through the Global Social Benefit Fellowship, I have gained many business and interpersonal skills that I believe will help me build an international career. In the near future, I hope to leverage these tools to create value for an organization that may wish to develop its global orientation or compete in a global market.

What are your future plans? 

After the fellowship experience, entrepreneurship, for all its risks and difficulties, seems less scary. Having witnessed entrepreneurs manage uncertainty and adapt to new challenges in various cultural contexts, I better understand how to execute a vision and seek opportunities to do so. Entrepreneurship is likely in my future.

If you could give a student advice on how to become more at SCU, what would it be? 

By helping others become more, you will almost always become more yourself.

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