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Become More at SCU

How and why did you first get involved with your service?

Joe, my dorm hall next-door neighbor from freshman year, knew about the university grant and the Christian Brothers' need for a video. He also knew I liked filmmaking. One day after class, he approached me to ask if I'd help him shoot this documentary in Myanmar. I said yes without hesitation.

How do you feel you have empowered others to become more through your service?

The finished film illuminates the unfortunate state of the education system in Myanmar, and it helps the Christian Brothers raise funds for new programs at the Learning Center in Yangon. Students from remote villages are granted access to quality education for very little money, enabling them to become more than their apparent socio-economic limitations.

How has this influenced what you want to do next?

I'm sold on cinematography as a career. Ultimately, I want to change peoples' minds, for universal good, with images.

What are your future plans?

I plan to work as a freelance cinematographer and camera assistant, learning the ropes of film and television production, here in the SF Bay Area (or in New Orleans. I'm not really sure yet).

If you could give a student advice on how to become more at SCU, what would it be?

Try everything you can, and quit everything you don't love, until you find the one thing you can't let go of.

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