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Unit Overloads

Juniors or Seniors who wish to register for more than 19 units in a single quarter must meet with a University Advisor to request permission to overload. Permission is not automatic, and is granted only for sound academic reasons and when students have a high likelihood of successfully completing all courses taken. (Students in the Honors Program or who have a GPA of 3.3 or highter may exceed the limit without permission. Any student may add one two-unit course or two one-unit courses without permission.) Registration for courses resulting in an overload takes place during the first week of the quarter.  Students may not register for more than 25 units without permission from the Drahmann Center.

Choice or Change of Academic Program

The University recommends that students declare their major by the end of their sophomore year. To declare or change a major or minor, a student may wish to meet with a University Advisor to discuss the implications of the change. A meeting with a University Advisor is required to change from one school or college to another within the University.

Change of Faculty Advisor

A student may arrange for a change of faculty advisor by completing the required paperwork and returning it to the Drahmann Center. Change of Advisor forms are available in the Drahmann Center and in all academic departments.

Independent Study and Internship Petitions

Students wishing to enroll in an Independent Study course or Internship must submit a Petition for Independent Study form, together with the required materials and signatures, to a University Advisor for final approval at least one week prior to registering for the course. (Only one Independent Study course may be taken per quarter, and no more than four Independent Study courses may be used to fulfill graduation requirements.)

Transfer Credit

Students who have already enrolled at Santa Clara must obtain permission in advance to take courses at another accredited institution of higher education. These credits can only be transferred as elective credits to Santa Clara. Students may transfer up to 10 units of elective credits. A University Advisor can help to clarify the policies governing transfer credit, which are contained in the Undergraduate Bulletin. Petition for Transfer Credit Approval forms are available in the Drahmann Center and require the signature of a University Advisor.

Leave of Absence/Withdrawal

A student who intends to leave the University must make an appointment with a University Advisor to discuss the implications of the decision and the process for withdrawal; the process includes completion of a questionnaire. International students on F or J visas who intend to withdraw from the University should be aware that to resume studies at SCU, they must apply for a new immigration document and pay the SEVIS fee. Typically, international students are required to depart the United States within sixty days after withdrawal from the University.

Probation/Failure to Make Timely Progress

Students who are in danger of being placed on probation are strongly encouraged to make an appointment with a University Advisor to discuss strategies for improving their academic performance. Students who have been placed on probation should meet with a University Advisor to make a systematic plan for getting off probation and avoiding disqualification. University policies regarding probation and disqualification are contained in the Undergraduate Bulletin.

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