Santa Clara University

Drahmann Advising Center

RLC Academic Advising

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  • Alpha RLC - Wednesdays 3-5 PM, Graham Second Floor Study Room (Room 256)
  • Communitas RLC - Mondays 3-5 pm, in Campisi 139
  • CyPhi RLC - Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 6:30-9 PM and Wednesdays from 7-9 P.M.; Swig 1115B (next to the Sky Lounge).
  • da Vinci RLC - Thursdays 3-5 P.M., in the Casa Commons
  • Loyola RLC -  Mondays 3-5 P.M.,  in Benson 1 (this may change for future terms as we hire University Advisor(s), but currently we are directing residents of this RLC to go to Benson 1 on Mondays between 3-5 P.M.).  If Benson 1 traffic gets too heavy, residents are welcome to come by any other RLC advising shift; the only potential issue is access to the building.
  • Modern Perspectives RLC - Tuesdays 9-11 A.M., Dunne Hall First Floor Lounge
  • Unity RLC - Wednesdays 3-5 P.M., Walsh hall study lounge
  • Xavier RLC - Tuesdays 3-5 P.M., Sanfilippo lounge
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