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Patrick Kane -

1:00 PM to 2:00 PM is a platform that allows anyone to run powerful campaigns for social or political change in their own communities.  It combines powerful online organizing tools with the reach of's 7 million person base.
This talk focuses on the technical challenges of building the platform.   In particular, we'll look at the scaling challenges of building a platform for over 7 million people, the real-time models we developed to determine whether a given campaign will be successful and the dynamics of geographically distributed development.


Patrick Kane Bio:

Patrick Michael Kane is the founder and President of We Also Walk Dogs.
We Also Walk Dogs creates tools to build movements. For over a decade, their software has helped define online political organizing. Their tools have been used in some of the most visible online political campaigns by, Democracy for America, and others. Today, their products are used daily by over 25,000,000 people around the world to help create change in their own communities.
In his free time, Patrick enjoys baking sourdough bread, flying small aircraft, and playing the cello poorly.




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