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Grand Reunion Weekend Spotlight: A Focus on Faculty Presentations

Saturday, Aug. 13, 2011

When you think about what made your time here at Santa Clara so memorable, what comes to mind?  Probably the friendships that you made, the sport you may have played, the residences you called home over the years, the student groups you were a member of, or perhaps that one time when you and your friends…well, you’ll just keep that story to yourself, won’t you? 

Now, how about that one particular class you took that completely cemented your decision to select your major?  Or the professor who taught you so much that you still find yourself referring to his/her lectures?  As much as your time in college was about spreading your wings and enjoying the company of your peers, you were, no doubt, aware that a large part of what made Santa Clara such a great place for you to be was the quality of the instruction you received from an excellent corps of faculty who were dedicated to your education.

Santa Clara is still all about quality and Grand Reunion presents you with the opportunity to come and see for yourself during one of the four "back to the classroom" presentations being offered by current faculty.  Professor Fred Parrella asks the provocative question, “So You Think You’re Spiritual, but Not Religious?” as the basis for his Friday afternoon talk; considering the generations of Santa Clara alumni who cite his “Theology of Marriage” course as a favorite of their academic careers, you may want to mark Prof. Parrella’s talk as one of your “can’t miss” events of the weekend.

Professor Margaret McLean’s “Genetic Testing: What’s in it for You?” promises to be a another stimulating discussion; as the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics’ director of bioethics, Prof. McLean’s background in science and ethics serves her well as one of the region's top commentators and consultants on the ethical aspect of advances in medicine and biotechnology.  Her presentation, which has been moved from 3:30 PM on Friday afternoon to 10:30 that morning, is one that will have you talking long after it is over.

On Friday afternoon, Business professor Mario Belotti will offer his "Economic Forecast" for the coming year.  Similar to the annual forecast he delivers in San Francisco, to the delight of those alumni, this will be a great opportunity to benefit from the insight and expertise of one of Santa Clara's most capable and beloved educators.  Considering the twists and turns the economy has taken in just the last couple of months, Dr. Belotti's talk should prove to be quite interesting and informative.  Make sure to bring a pad and pen; you will want to take notes.

Finally, you can join Professor Terry Shoup for his Saturday morning talk on “A Century of Engineering Excellence”.  As Santa Clara’s School of Engineering celebrates 100 years of turning out highly educated and influential graduates, Prof. Shoup, a former Dean of Engineering, will take a moment to reflect on the journey that has brought the school to this pivotal point in its history.  Engineers and non-engineers alike stand to benefit from this presentation, so come lend an ear and learn about an important part of the Santa Clara, not to mention larger Silicon Valley, community.

Go Broncos!

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