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Webber, Leslie

Leslie R. Webber '53 writes, “My wife, Clarine, of 50 years died in 2009. I now live in a suburb of Nashville. For anyone traveling nearby, stop and touch base with an old classmate and the new lady in my life.”

submitted Apr. 9, 2012 5:14P
Webber, Leslie

Leslie R. Webber '53 writes that he retired in 1995 as a Chicago ER Doctor. His wife of 50 years, Clarine, died in January 2009. But he found new wife on E-Harmony, and moved in with her in Nashville two years ago. Webber authored the book An American Doctor's Life, Divinely Orchestrated, which gives life at Santa Clara in the ’50s in great detail; it can be found in the SCU library and on He also plans on attending the Grand Reunion in October.

submitted May. 13, 2013 11:57A
Louis, Duane

Duane Louis '53 is still bravely battling his Huntington's Disease. He enjoys his family of 21 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

submitted Apr. 30, 2010 12:12P
UGRD Arts & Sciences '53
Lewis, Mel

Mel Lewis ’53 says, "Bronco spirit is defined by drive, determination, love of competition, and camaraderie!" Read more about what Santa Clara’s first African-American graduate, first African-American athlete, and first African-American ROTC graduate has to say in this exclusive SCU interview.

submitted Feb. 27, 2015 2:39P
Kilkenny, R.G.

R.G. Kilkenny '53 retired from his company, Taylor Forge Engineered Systems. His son Mike now runs it. He is still chairman of the board. He has four children and 15 grandchildren.

submitted Jun. 11, 2009 2:36P
UGRD Leavey Business '53
Kilkenny, Gary

Gary Kilkenny '53 writes: "Married 55 years to my wife Bev. Retired for 11 years. Still Chair of Board of Taylor Forge Engineered Systems. Four married children, 15 grandchildren. Granddaughter 'Abbey' will start at SCU this fall."

submitted May. 4, 2011 12:31P
Kilkenny, R.G.

R.G. Kilkenny '53 writes, "Bev and I have 15 grandchildren, and this June our grandaughter Abby Kilkenny '15 graduated. She has enjoyed Santa Clara." 

submitted Jun. 23, 2015 2:13P
UGRD Leavey Business '53
Joyce, Thomas

Thomas F. Joyce ’53 writes: “Retired—still married to the gal I married in 1946—our 65th anniversary in August. Seven children, eleven grand-children, 3 greats and we’re lucky to live in the beautiful wine country of Sonoma County.”


submitted May. 16, 2011 11:16A
UGRD Engineering '53
Edden, Francis

Marv Gregory '53 and his family visited West Point for the completion of "boot camp" for their grandson, Trevor, who is now a plebe at WP. While in the East, Marv he visited his roommate, Frank Edden '53, in Vermont. Attached is a picture of Marv with his wife Laura on the right and Frank with his wife Joanne on the left. Marv played on the Santa Clara Division I team in 1953.  He was voted MVP.  He also fought in the final of the NCAA Heavyweight boxing title that year.

submitted Sep. 23, 2010 3:03P

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