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The University Communications Collection (NWS) is a series of photographic work created by the public relations department on campus, formerly the Santa Clara News Bureau and now called University Communications. Many of the photographs, taken by the University photographer, accompanied news stories and articles published by the University news bureau. Other images, namely copy work, were created at the request of other SCU departments. The NWS files are transferred to the Archives when they are no longer useful for publicity purposes. See also Eymann Photograph Collection.

The NWS collection consists of images in several formats, used for several different purposes.

  • Source files, created to document or promote a particular University activity or event, comprise larger format photo prints, typically 8x10, and are arranged alphabetically by subject or event name (see subject authority list). Portrait photos are generally removed from the NWS collection and filed in the Portrait Collection (POR). Source photographs often accompanied textual material located in University Communications Subject Files (Record Group 7RS) or Person Files (Record Group 7RP). Some source photographs have corresponding negatives.
  • Negatives/Proof Sheets consist primarily of 35mm negative strips, with some 2x2 negatives, accompanied by proof sheets. Negatives and proof sheets are filed separately in chronological order, and then arranged alphabetically by subjects assigned by the photographer.
  • A select set of images from proof sheets have been made into slides.
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