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Other Photograph Collections

Included are special collections of photographs taken by a particular photographer; gathered by a particular person to accompany a manuscript, research or personal collection; or that accompany and describe the life of a particular person. The University Archives has in its holdings the following collections, some of which have accompanying inventories available in the Archives.

  • James H. Barr Collection, 1928-1930

  • E.R.A. Boland, S.J. Collection, 1910-1945

  • Vince Carrese Collection, 1915-1930

  • Richard Coz, S.J. Collection, 1974-1994

  • Link to Finding Aid William Eymann Collection, 1962-1978

  • Eymann was the first professional photographer contracted/hired to document university people and events over a long period of time. Subjects include the campus and buildings, events and activities, in addition to portraits of students, faculty, and visitors to SCU. Collection contains 8x10 prints, contact sheets (1972-1978) and original negatives. See also NWS collection.

  • Paul Galtes, S.J. Collection, 1900-1920

  • Andrew P. Hill Collection, 1890s

  • Bernard R. Hubbard, S.J. Collection, 1923-1962

  • John J. Montgomery Collection, 1870-1911 (see also Link to Finding Aid John J. Montgomery Papers)

  • Bernard J. Reid Collection, 1844-1902 (see also Link to Finding Aid Bernard J. Reid Papers)

  • William J. Rewak, S.J. Collection, 1977-1988

  • St. Joseph's Church (San Jose) Collection, 1878-1961

  • Rev. George Schoener Collection, ?-1941 (See also Link to Finding Aid Rev. George Schoener Papers)

  • Henry Schmidt Collection, 1929-1939

  • Walter E. Schmidt, S.J., Collection, 1957-1986

  • Link to Finding Aid Arthur D. Spearman, S.J., Collection (see also Link to Finding Aid Arthur D. Spearman, S.J. Papers)

  • Bernard Stanley Collection, 1937-1938

  • Tommy Temple Collection, 1919-1926

  • Thomas Dutton Terry, S.J., Collection, 1970-1988

  • Link to Finding Aid Turrill - Miller Collection, 1900-1920

  • James F. Twohy Collection, 1950's-1960's

  • James Vaughan, S.J., Collection, 1913-1917

  • Unidentified Collection, 1913-1926

  • John Waddell Collection, 1860-1879

  • Link to Finding Aid Henry J. Walsh, S.J., Collection, 1905-1908

  • Ernest Watson, S.J., Collection, 1910-1940

  • Wempe-Pellerano-Boitano Collection (WPB) 1851

  • Douglas Wesson (WES) (Acc 991-044) Summer 1939

  • Harry Wolter (WOL) 1866-1870; 1900-1910

  • Jack Wright Collection (WRI) 1940

Finding Aids

Finding AidWithin the Collections' pages, this icon indicates that a finding aid is available for the collection specified. Clicking on the icon will take you to the California Digital Library Online Archive of California site where the finding aids are currently hosted. A current listing of all available SCU finding aids is also available.

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