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Optics and Heat - Leslie Differential Thermometer
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Leslie Differential Thermometer
Leslie Differential Thermometer, c.1850, By Mon Pixii, Fabre e Kunemann
This device is for measuring differences in temperature and was named for British natural philosopher John Leslie. It is considerably more sensitive than a standard thermometer. This instrument is approximately 18" tall and 5.5" wide.

Nicolas Costant Pixii (1776-1861) was a famous Paris instrument maker who began work in the late 18th century and continued in business until the mid 19th century. His son Hippolyte Pixii (1808-1835) was a promising instrument maker and is credited with making the first electrical dynamo before dying prematurely. Fabre e Kunemann were the successors to Maison Pixii, and made instruments from the second half of the 19th century.

Item#: ARCH.01
Photograph courtesy of Charles Barry, SCU
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