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Electricity - Ruhmkorff Induction Coil
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Ruhmkorff Induction Coil
Ruhmkorff Induction Coil
The Ruhmkorff induction coil consists of two separate coils of wire one inside the other wound around a cylinder with a central core of soft iron rods. When a current is passed through the first primary coil, current is induced in the secondary coil. The first successful apparatus of this type was made by Heinrich Daniel Rhumkorff in 1851. The induction coil was exhibited at the Paris Exhibition of 1855, after which it became very popular for energizing discharge tubes, and was used in the production of X-rays at the end of the century. In 1965 the Smithsonian Institution acquired a Ruhmkorff Induction Coil from Santa Clara University.

Item#: RB.38
Photograph courtesy of Charles Barry, SCU
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