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A Favorite Abode of Science:

Santa Clara College and the Pursuit of Scientific Knowledge, 1851-1900

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"I was astonished to find a laboratory and museum so well-supplied. I saw a Plate Machine three-feet five-inches in diameter, a Leyden battery of gallon jars, a Bunsen's of seventy cups. I saw some of the most recent inventions, a Ruhmkorf's coil, Faraday's magneto electric machine, Duboscq's telescope, and the most modern arrangement for producing electric light."
- Report of Mr. Anderson, Philadelphia Argus, 1860
from "Serving the Intellect, Touching the Heart: A Portrait of Santa Clara University, 1851-2001" by Gerald McKevitt, S.J, and George Giacomini

Catalog#: bld.sci.2985
Photograph courtesy of SCU Archives
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