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Women at SCU Timeline

1851 Santa Clara College founded by Jesuits John Nobili and Michael Accolti.
1912 Santa Clara College becomes University of Santa Clara.
1920 "Flappers" have a presence on campus.
1940's Women take classes at University of Santa Clara during World War II on a government program.
1946 A wave of GI's and their wives live in Veterans' Village on campus after World War II.
1948 Women are enrolled in the evening business school.
1955 Margaret Chamberlin is the first woman on faculty.
1956 Women are admitted to School of Law.
1957 Women are admitted to the graduate programs in arts & sciences.
1957 Nurses from O'Connor Nursing School enroll at University of Santa Clara.
1958 Women are admitted to the business graduate program.
1961 "Tradition Shattered!" — Women are admitted to the undergraduate program.
1961 Martha Patricia O'Malley is the first coed undergraduate applicant.
1962 Marian Olsen Doscher is the first woman to graduate from University of Santa Clara. She received an MBA.
1961 Park Lanai Apartments are the first residence for women students.
1962 Viola Kamena is appointed first Dean of Women.
1962 Mary Somers Edmunds is the first woman to graduate from the undergraduate program.
1963 The first graduates of the School of Law include Mary Emery, Director of Law Library, 1963- and Associate Dean of the Law School, 1985-.
1963 Graham Residence Hall for Women is completed.
1964 The first women enter the undergraduate engineering program.
1964 Women's basketball team wins trophy.
1980 First woman becomes editor of the school yearbook, Redwood.
1981 Roberta Furger becomes the first woman editor of the student newspaper, The Santa Clara
1981 Women's Studies program is established.
1987 First woman becomes president of the Associated Students.
2000 Denise Carmody becomes the first woman Provost.
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