Santa Clara University


Campus Bookstore Policies

Campus Bookstore Exclusivity Provisions

1.  Barnes & Noble is Santa Clara University's exclusive on-campus vendor for the sale, rental, or buyback of required course materials.  Although the University does not restrict sales made over the Internet, an outside vendor may not set up a location on the Santa Clara University campus to conduct any portion of an online transaction for required course materials including but not limited to online order placing, fulfillment distribution, rental returns, or book buyback.

2.  Santa Clara University does not allow vendors marketing the sale of rental of textbooks, school supplies, and dorm supplies other than Barnes & Noble to table inside the Benson Memorial Center or within 100 ft. of an entrance to the Campus Bookstore.  Poster sales are an allowed exception to this provision.

3.  Books donated by faculty, staff, and students as well as those retired from library collections may be sold on campus by SCU departments and registered student organizations.  The proceeds of such sales shall belong to the SCU entity conducting the sale.

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