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University Dining Services Policies

The purpose of this page is to document the understanding that Santa Clara University has with its dining services contractor, Bon Appetit Management Company, and to communicate this understanding to the University community.  Included on this page are several policies created and maintained by University Dining Services by Bon Appetit as well as other University policies that are related to University Dining Services facilities and business practices.  At the bottom of this page contact information for the departments and individuals that are responsible for maintaining these policies is provided.

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University Dining Services Policies

Contractor Exclusivity
Contractor Exclusivity Exception Detail
Alcoholic Beverage Service
Table Tent Advertisement
Donation of Food Products for an Event
Donation of Resident Dining Plan Points
Resident Dining Plan Points Forfeiture

University Policy

University Living Wage Policy

Policy Contact Information

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Contractor Exclusivity

Santa Clara University grants to Bon Appétit, as an independent contractor, the exclusive right to provide and manage Santa Clara University's Dining Services program including catering on the campus of Santa Clara University and the exclusive right to sell to students, employees, guests, and other persons food products, non-alcoholic beverages and other such articles as shall be approved by Santa Clara University.  Bon Appétit shall render the dining services within the facilities of the Santa Clara University campus, including but not limited to, the food preparation, serving, dining and storage areas designated for the Dining Services program.
Bon Appétit manages the two authorized providers for University dining and catering: (1) University Dining Services and (2) Adobe Lodge, which offer food and beverage service anywhere on campus with the exception that each has the exclusive right to serve in their respective home building and adjacent outdoor patios.  University Dining Services has the exclusive right to serve in and adjacent to Benson Memorial Center while Adobe Lodge serves all clientele in and adjacent to the Lodge. 

Notwithstanding the foregoing, Bon Appétit's exclusive rights shall not apply to: (1) the residence of the Jesuit Community, (2) "potluck" events held in private office areas not involving alcoholic beverage service, (3) private meetings of SCU departments or groups arranged by and for members of the departments or groups exclusively (and not open to or advertised to general attendance) that do not involve alcoholic beverage service and that do not exceed $200 in cost, (4) private functions of alumni in SCU Alumni Park, (5) special traditional SCU events where the event sponsor is involved in the preparation and/or provision of the food and beverages as approved by the designated SCU official, in writing and in advance, (6) fund-raising activities of registered student organizations where the food is prepared by the organization members as approved by the designated SCU official in writing and in advance, (7) catering in publicly reservable areas outside the Benson Memorial Center and Adobe Lodge provided the caterer rebates to SCU an amount at least equal to the commission, if any, that would otherwise be paid to Bon Appétit, (8) the Athletic Department concessions and catering required during intercollegiate contests at Buck Shaw Stadium, Schott Stadium, Leavey Event Center, Stanton Field, and Sullivan Aquatic Center including food and beverage sales at concession stands as well as in-seat sales at all previously listed locations and any other required satellite stands, (9) concessions and catering at professional and/or third party athletic events held at the facilities referenced in (8) above (any agreement that the Athletic Department may wish to enter with Bon Appétit needs to be done so with a separate agreement), and (10) The Jesuit School of Theology of Santa Clara University located in Berkeley, California.  

For more details about these exceptions, please see the Contractor Exclusivity Exception Detail.    

Contractor Exclusivity Exception Detail

There are ten (10) contractually negotiated exceptions to the Contractor Exclusivity.  Exceptions apply only to University (Department and Student Organization) sponsored events.  Non-University clients are not eligible for exceptions.

1. Residence of the Jesuit Community
Dining services within the residence of the Jesuit Community are provided independent of all services provided by University Dining Services.

2. Potluck Events
Over the course of the year especially around holiday times and other celebratory events campus departments, groups of departments, or other entities may host internal potlucks wherein the participants bring food prepared from home to share with colleagues or other group members.  These events are private events exclusively for members or employees of the specified group and may not be held in spaces or meeting rooms commonly open to the campus for reservation. Alcohol may not be served unless supplied and served by one of the two University catering organizations, University Dining Services or Adobe Lodge.

3. Private Meetings of SCU Departments or Groups
For internal private meetings, which are not open to or advertised to the general public, with no alcohol service, and for which food and beverage costs do not exceed $200, the meeting leader may purchase non-university prepared food and beverages off campus to offer at the meeting.  Each University entity (University Department or Student Organization) that does this is expected to ensure that trash and debris are cleaned up by the group and not left for the building staff or the next group reserving the meeting space.

Beyond purchasing small meeting refreshments from outside entities, the University offers options to meet this need as well.  Cellar Market offers chilled soft drinks, chips, and other assorted products that are suitable for meeting refreshments. University Dining Services also offers budget-priced trays and options through its "Express Catering" menu.  These need to be ordered in advance, but can be picked up at the Cellar Market on the meeting date.  All Cellar Market purchases can be paid for using Resident Dining or Dining Plus points, Flex, cash, or credit card. To view tray options available, please review the catering menu online at  or contact Cheryl Hartzheim at 551-1792.

4. Private Functions of Alumni in SCU Alumni Park
Alumni holding private functions in Alumni Park may bring in their own food for the event.  Alumni that wish to reserve this space should contact Paul Neilan, Senior Associate Director in the Alumni Office at (408) 554-5388 or

5. Special Traditional SCU Events Where Event Sponsor Prepares or Provides the Food and Beverages
An exception is allowed for University sponsored events wherein specific culturally authentic or ethnic food is envisioned as a program component, integral to the event, as opposed to a hospitality feature, such as refreshments. Student participation in the preparation and service of the food is also a component of this type of exception.

Each undergraduate student organization traditionally may receive one allowable exception per academic year.  The undergraduate student organizations that have been accommodated in the past are Intandesh, Chinese Student Association, Asian Pacific Student Union, Barkada, Ka Mana'o O Hawaii, MEChA El Frente, Arab Cultural Society, Igwebuike, and the Vietnamese Student Association.

Instructions:  An undergraduate student organization wishing to produce such an event is required to complete a Request for Cultural Program Food Service Event Form and obtain the signature of their Center for Student Leadership Advisor.  The form must then be submitted to the University Dining Services General Manager. 

All raw food products are to be purchased by University Dining Services paid for by the student organization.  Each event will also require a $50.00 refundable condition deposit by either check or SCU accounting distribution string. At the completion of the event, the condition of the room or rooms used must be returned to the condition they were in before the event.  The $50.00 deposit will be used to cover any additional charges incurred to return the room to the previous condition if required.  Each hour of clean up will be charged at $25.00.  The completed request form and condition deposit are due to the University Dining Services General Manager no later than 30 days prior to the scheduled event.

For those groups requiring the use of the kitchen, participation is mandatory in a food-handling workshop conducted by University Dining Services.  For dining services safety and sanitation reasons, from the beginning of preparation through the close of the event a maximum of 15 students at a time will be allowed in the kitchen.

Guidelines for Kitchen Use
 - Closed toe rubber soled shoes must be worn at all times while in the kitchen
 - Long pants and shirts are required
 - Kitchen personnel will oversee proper knife handling & use of all kitchen equipment
 - No running or horseplay in the kitchen
 - Lifting correctly is essential.  Always bend your knees, get a firm grip, and lift with your legs. Do not lift over 25 lbs. without help

Guidelines for Room Condition Post Event
- All tables and chairs must be in original locations
- All décor items must be clean from all floors, walls and ceilings
- All window coverings not a permanent part of the room must be removed
- All garbage must be removed and disposed of in the dumpster behind the Benson Memorial Center
- Any broken items must be reported to the building manager on duty

Contact the Center for Student Leadership at 554-4745

6. Fund-Raising Activities of Registered Student Organizations
Recognized undergraduate and graduate student clubs and organizations sponsored by University Departments may reserve tables in the Benson Memorial Center Paseo, Lobby, or Plaza where they may sell baked goods to raise funds for club events. Table reservations are made through the Center for Student Leadership at 554-4745.

Four requirements apply
- The bakery goods – cookies, cake, brownies, rice krispy bars, etc. – are made by the group members personally, not purchased at a bakery or supermarket or outside vendor to be resold
- No food product that has a required holding temperature be prepared for sales or given away
- No beverage(s) may be sold or given away
- Tables are to be reserved through the Center for Student Leadership, Benson Center, Room 1 (554-4745)

Note:  University Dining Services is happy to work with University departments or student organizations who wish to have bake sales but may lack access to kitchens and ovens or time to bake.  A "Bake Sale Package", offering wholesale prices of an assortment of cookies, brownies, and bars in nibbler sizes, may be purchased by groups for resale in Benson Memorial Center.  Contact Cheryl Hartzheim (551-1792) at least 7 days in advance to order your Bake Sale Package.

7.  Catering by an External Vendor
A University sponsor may arrange for catering on campus outside of Benson Memorial Center and Adobe Lodge by an outside caterer.  However, in advance of the event, the sponsor must remit a 7.5% commission on the cost of catering to the University Dining Services fund administered by Auxiliary Services.  To begin this process please fill out the External Catering Event Form and submit it to Auxiliary Services in Benson Center #213 via email to or campus mail no later than 10 days prior to the event.  Forms are available in Benson Center #213 or by clicking here.  External Catering Event Form     

8. Athletic Department Concessions and Catering Required During Intercollegiate Contests at Buck Shaw Stadium, Schott Stadium, Leavey Event Center, Stanton Field, and Sullivan Aquatic Center
This includes food and beverage sales at concession stands as well as in-seat sales at all previously listed locations and any other required satellite stands. 

9. Concessions and Catering at Professional and/or Third Party Athletic Events held at the Facilities Referenced in (8) Above
Concessions and catering at professional and/or third party athletic events are provided under a separate agreement and are not subject to the exclusivity provision in the University Dining Services agreement.

10. The Jesuit School of Theology of Santa Clara University located in Berkeley, California
All dining and catering at this Berkeley campus is provided independently and not subject to the exclusivity requirements of the University Dining Services agreement.

Alcoholic Beverage Service

Sale or service of alcoholic beverages requires the proper license from the State of California Alcohol and Beverage Control (ABC) Board.  Any event where alcoholic beverages are provided (hosted or not) must be provided/served by either University Dining Services or Adobe Lodge.  No person or entity may individually provide alcoholic beverages. Events planned through either University Dining Services or Adobe Lodge will ensure that the proper licenses are secured, and that service staff are properly trained in the service of alcoholic beverages.  Please refer to the University's Alcohol Policy for complete information on the sale and service of alcohol.

Table Tent Advertisement

University Dining Services makes campus-sponsored event advertisement space available (commonly known as 'Table Tents") in venues providing retail food service i.e. The Bronco, Mission Bakery, and Marketplace - excluding Cellar Market, Sunstream Café, and Cadence Cyber Café.  The following guidelines apply:

1. Advertisement verbiage must follow the guidelines for content set forth in the University handbook.
2. Information is limited to University sponsored events.
3. Advertisements must be submitted to the Marketing Manager of University Dining Services, at least 5 working days prior to posting for approval.
4. Approval for all advertisements will be given on a first come first serve basis
5. There will be a limit of four (4) advertisements per table (including the Bon Appetit 3-sided acrylic holder)
6. Dining Services reserves the right to refuse advertisement placement due to content, size or conflicting interests.
7. Appropriate forms of advertisements are free standing table tents (size not to exceed 5 inches tall by 3 inches wide) or a ¼ sheet flyer. Space in the 3-sided acrylic sign holders is available if the Bon Appetit marketing calendar allows. Contact the Marketing Manager for the approved design template for this holder.
8. Due to space issues, no other sign holder may be put on tables without prior approval
9. No advertisement is to be taped or physically attached to tables
10. Wall and/or signage is permissible at the discretion of University Dining Services – please contact the Marketing Manager or General Manager.
11. The length of time an advertisement may be posted is no longer than one (1) week
12. Advertisements must be removed by the individual or group within 24 hours of event completion.  

Donation of Food Products for an Event

Raw food and beverage products may be donated directly to University Dining Services for use at an event providing these products meet acceptable specifications. University Dining Services will prepare the finished product and the sponsoring group will receive credit for the portion of the event cost represented by the raw donated product. The University does not allow the donation of prepared food for any University event. If your group wishes to receive donated raw product for an event, please contact Cheryl Hartzheim, University Dining Services Catering Manager at 551-1792.

Donation of Resident Dining Plan Points

A maximum of once per quarter a Santa Clara University organization may undertake a campaign with students, faculty and staff for donations including donations from student Resident Dining Plans.  A resident may donate up to a maximum of $50 in dining points per quarter at any University Dining Services register.  University Dining Services will provide either the raw product for the charity to store or prepare meals for an event from the donation proceeds. The sponsoring organization is responsible for working with the ACCESS Card Office and University Dining Services to post appropriate campaign advertisements and arrange for the delivery of either the product or the meals to the designated location.  If your group is interested in sponsoring a campaign for a charitable donation, please contact Nirmal Palliyaguru in the ACCESS Card Office at 551-1944.

Resident Dining Plan Points Forfeiture

The Resident Dining Plan is an integral part of the University Housing Contract. The declining balance Resident Dining Plan is designed as a quarterly allocation to meet the dining needs of the resident student. All plans begin with a designated number of points which are available for food purchases anytime throughout the quarter. At the end of fall and winter quarters up to 75 unspent dining points may carry over to the next quarter and be added to that quarter's dining plan if the student remains in on-campus housing, with remaining unspent points being forfeited to the University. At the end of an individual's University Housing Contract no Resident Dining points carry over or are refunded. Forfeited Resident Dining points are reinvested by the University in the dining program and/or related facilities.

The Dining Plus Plan, a voluntary declining balance dining plan, affords a student the same sales tax savings as a Resident Dining Plan. Dining Plus may be established by any commuter, graduate or undergraduate student or may be used to supplement a resident's Resident Dining Plan. A Dining Plus Plan may be set up with a purchase of any amount of points. Points are available to be spent as long as the student is enrolled; however, Dining Plus points are not refundable at separation from the University. Unspent Dining Plus points are forfeited to the University at separation.

University Living Wage Policy

All University employers and employers providing service on campus agree to pay all full time non-student employees and contracted workers in accordance with the Living Wage Guidelines as promulgated by the City of San Jose and posted on their web site

Policy Contact Information

Santa Clara University
Jane Barrantes, Assistant Vice President, Auxiliary Services and Dining Contract Administrator, 554-5416,, Benson Memorial Center, 213
Anne Bucher, Auxiliary Services Business Manager, 554-4070,, Benson Memorial Center 213
Leah Nakaski-Peterson, Assistant Director, Benson Memorial Center, 554-7805,, Benson Memorial Center, 214
Paul Neilan, Senior Associate Director, Alumni Office 554-5388,, Donohoe Alumni House
Sophie Zumout, Conference Services Manager, 551-3027,, Benson Memorial Center, 212
Tedd Vanadilok, Director of Campus Programs, Center for Student Leadership, 554-5423,, Locatelli Center


University Dining Services
Michael Brinkmann
, Executive Chef, 554-2728,, Benson Memorial Center, 203
Cheryl Hartzheim, Director of Catering, 551-1792,, Benson Memorial Center, 203
Charles Lewis, General Manager, 554-4449,, Benson Memorial Center, 203


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