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May 17, 2013
9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Loyola Hall
Cost : $140

Couple Recovery Development Approach: A Relational Model in Addiction Treatment

Course # - CPSY x277
Loyola Hall Room 160
Credit Hours:
            -- COURSE CANCELLED! -- 
Course Objectives:
·         Participants will be able to describe the three levels of relationship development in couples recovering from addiction
·         Participants will learn three interventions to assist couples in early recovery from addiction
·         Participants will be able to name the three variables most predictive of long-term successful sobriety
Course Description:
This workshop is appropriate for recovery counselors, therapists, pastors, and helping professionals interested in learning how to help couples develop a ?couple recovery.?
When one or both partners are recovering from addiction to drugs and/or alcohol, the long standing customary model of treatment and recovery emphasizes individual recovery for each person and discourages efforts to deal with the couple relationship. Research tells us that the couple relationship plays a significant role in influencing addiction recovery outcomes. The relationship doesn?t improve just because one or both partners get into recovery, in fact, it is normal for relationships to experience continued difficulties and face new challenges. Rather than replacing or substituting individual recovery, this workshop addresses the missing part of recovery for so many people ? managing the relationship while managing one?s own recovery.
Using brief presentations, demonstrations and experiential exercises, participants will have the opportunity to learn to use tools and techniques to develop and strengthen ?couple recovery.?  This research-based model of couple recovery, called the ?Couple Recovery Development Approach? (CRDA), integrates and blends techniques and recovery concepts based on Dr. Bob Navarra?s ongoing research on couples and recovery through the Mental Research Institute (Palo Alto, CA) with the ?Sound Relationship House? model developed by Drs. John & Julie Gottman through the Relationship Research Institute (Seattle, WA).
Dr. Navarra, clinician and researcher, specializes in treating couples in recovery from addiction. He is Research Associate at Mental Research Institute and Co-founder of the Center for Couples in Recovery, where he developed the ?Couple Recovery Development Approach? (CRDA), a research-based relational model of recovery. He has presented his research at numerous professional conferences and workshops. Currently, he is collaborating with renowned relationship researcher Dr. John Gottman in designing a research study on the effectiveness of couple therapy in outpatient alcoholism treatment programs. Publication credits include chapters in two books on treating couples in recovery and articles on couple recovery.

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