Santa Clara University

Benson Memorial Center

CPD Education

Apr 7, 2014
10:00 a.m. - noon
Loyola Hall
Cost : $640

EDUC x410: English for Academic Achievement


EDUC x410: English for Academic Achievement

DATE: April 7 - May 28, 2014 

This is an 8-week course designed for international students that meets Mondays and Wednesdays

TIME: 10-12 PM

LOCATION: Loyola Hall, Rm. 134


(Open to students in all undergraduate and graduate programs of Santa Clara University)


If English is your second language, you are invited to take advantage of this valuable new resource available at the Center for Professional Development. Receive expert advice and personalized assistance in overcoming any English issues you face with your SCU coursework.
This course is specially designed for students who want to attain more efficient, more productive, and better quality scholarship. It offers detailed tips and techniques about structure, vocabulary, and style to make scholarly success easier and more accessible to those who are struggling.
Lectures assignments and activities offer students:

Advanced Vocabulary

  • Academic terminology
  • Idioms and collocations
  • Industry jargon
    • Marketing
    • Management
    • Medicine
    • Engineering

Linguistic Topics
Listening, Speaking, and Writing

  • Register, stress, and intonation
  • Listening for meaning
  • Reduction and liaison
  • Academic discourse
  • Problems of grammar and spelling
  • Articles and other parts of speech
  • Gerunds vs. infinitives
  • Modification and ambiguity
  • Structure and cohesion
  • Citation and style

Conversational Topics

  •  Agreeing and disagreeing
  • Emphasizing and Intensifying
  • Ideas, thoughts, and opinions
  • Responding and requesting
  • Socializing and discussing issues
  • Telling stories

This course also offers a cultural component featuring campus and museum tours, concerts, and special lectures.


Students will:

  • Speak English more fluently, more accurately, and with more confidence
  • Write English with greater structural integrity and grammatical accuracy
  • Amass and master the use of academic vocabulary


Lizz Caplan, Ph.D. is a native speaker of English with a doctorate in Second Language Acquisition and Instructional Technology from the University of South Florida. She has specialized in ESL for professionals, focusing on conversation, writing, research reporting, and presentation skills.


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