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Tuition Insurance 

Santa Clara University understands that the cost families pay for education today is substantial; usually the second largest investment a family makes to a home purchase. Although the University does provide refunds for withdrawal it is limited to the first three weeks of school.  This is why we have partnered with an insurance company called DEWAR, Inc. This plan is designed to protect you by alleviating the loss of funds you paid for tuition and housing costs should you find it necessary to withdraw from school, during the term, for medical reasons. The unexpected happens so be prepared!

For more specific information on the Dewar’s Tuition Insurance Plan please click on to be directed to their website. If you would like to personally speak with our representative of Dewar’s, you may contact John Cruden at 415-623-5170.

Please take a look at the rates below. These are incredibly low costs that could save you thousands of dollars in the future. Students/families have the option to pay the cost of insurance in one lump sum or be billed by term.

On CampusOff CampusCost billed Per Quarter/Semester
Law School$228.00$185.00$114/$92.50
Graduate SchoolsFull TimePart Time
Pastoral Ministries$65.00$44.00$22/$15

* * * These figures are based on the average cost of attendance per school * * *

Please remember this is OPTIONAL. However if you choose to decline the Dewar’s Tuition Insurance Plan you understand that you are responsible to pay the full cost of attendance should you, or your child, need to withdraw from the University during the term. You do not need to submit this form if you would like to decline.

If interested in signing up for the Dewar’s plan, please click here.

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