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90 Fun Facts about the Leavey School of Business

We thought it would be fun to give you 90 fun facts about the business school that you might not know, in honor of our 90 years! Let us know in the comments section below the facts that surprised you or interest you, or if you have fun facts of your own that weren't included.

1. Lucas Hall, current home of the Leavey School of Business cost $49 million to build.
2. Dukes Business Service Center was created to help students, faculty & staff with their needs in Lucas Hall. It includes a printing station and centralized information.
3. There have been 7 Deans of the Leavey School of Business.
4. Current Dean S. Andrew Starbird is the first business school alumnus to serve as dean of the business school. He stepped into the position in 2010.
5. The business school's MBA program was introduced in 1959.
6. The first 8 MBA graduates graduated in 1961.
7. LSB had an off-site campus in Santa Rosa the 70s.
8. There was a second off-site campus established in San Ramon in 1991; demand for each declined in the recession years and they were closed.
9. The Leavey School of Business began as the College of Commerce and Finance.
10. When dubbed a School (rather than a College) in 1962, it was named the School of Business Administration. Administration was dropped in 1996.
11. In 1983 the business school was dedicated the Dorothy and Thomas Leavey School of Business.
12. In 1854, before the business school opened, courses in commercial education were offered for the first time at Santa Clara College.
13. The first building to house business classes intended the classrooms to be "the commercial world in miniature."
14. In 1941, University enrollment dropped to 60 due to WWII and business school faculty were just 6.
15. In 1947, Dean Charles J. Dirksen admitted women to the evening undergraduate business school program. (SCU didn't admit women until 1961).

Campus from across the Alameda (where the Learning Commons is now) circa 1925.

16. When Kenna Hall, a former men's dormitory, was remodeled for the business school in 1967, it cost $863,000.
17. Kenna Hall underwent a second remodel in 1993, coming in at $1.5 million.
18. In 1953, Santa Clara became the 64th university in the country to be awarded a Beta Gamma Sigma scholastic honor society.
19. 1927 was the first graduating class of the business school - it consisted of 9 graduates.
20. LSB houses 6 Centers & Institutes - Center for Accounting Education and Practice (CAEP), Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (CIE), Certified Equity Professional Institution (CEPI), Executive Development Center (EDC), Food & Agribusiness Institute (FAI), and Retail Management Institute (RMI).
21. The business school received AACSB accreditation in 1953.
22. In 1963, the business school was among the first 31 U.S. universities with an AACSB accredited MBA program.
23. The first Economic Forecast given by Dr. Mario Belotti was in 1970. He has delivered a forecast each year since then, his most recent in February.
24. The business school's faculty has steadily risen in number since WWII, which caused our faculty to drop to 6 in number. By 1965, we had 37 faculty members; 1971: 51 faculty members; 1992: 64 faculty members; and today, in 2014, we have 85 full-time tenure/tenure-track faculty members.
25. In 1975, the JD/MBA program began with 13 students.
26. The Executive Development Center (EDC) was established in 1957.
27. LSB offers 7 undergraduate majors - Accounting, A&IS, Economics, Finance, Management, Marketing, & MIS
28. Even though Operations Management and Information Systems (OMIS) is the department name, the degree is in Management Information Systems.
29. Lucas Hall has 102 faculty offices.
30. LSB's California Program for Entrepreneurship (CAPE), started in 2010, helps people get their businesses off the ground (and at no charge!)

The Santa Clara Mission circa 1930.

31. To-date, 95 entrepreneurs representing 83 ventures have completed the six-month CAPE course.
32. 85% of CAPE ventures (2010-2012) are still active, growing, or have been sold.
33. The Certified Equity Professionals Institute (CEPI) celebrated 25 years this year.
34. Over 1,400 people have completed the Certified Equity Professional (CEP) program.
35. There are 6 large executive conference rooms for use of business school faculty and staff in Lucas Hall.
36. The undergraduate business program has a peer advising program to help new students navigate the business school.
37. LSB offers multiple global experience courses for both graduate and undergraduate students.
38. The Food and Agribusiness Institute (FAI) has taken students to nine different countries. Last year, they visited Burma, and this fall, they are planning a trip to Cuba.
39. The graduate business school has an Inter-Network Council for students, with 9 different networks that host social, educational, and service events throughout the year.
40. The Leavey School of Business, like Santa Clara University, is dedicated to sustainability and provides compost, recycle, and landfill bins throughout the building.
41. Former Dean Charles J. Dirksen is the business school chief with the longest term: beginning in 1941 and serving 38 years.
42. President Father Cornelius McCoy (in a press interview after his appointment as President in 1926) said: "Santa Clara will never be a large university. We will never have more than 1000 students." Today, SCU not only has more students than that, but the business school alone enrolls 2,350!
43. Food & Agribusiness Institute (FAI) was established in 1973, and has graduated more than 700 students.
44. Lucas Hall is approximately 86,000 square feet—two-and-a-half times the size of Kenna Hall.
45. Lucas Hall has 13 classrooms, one of which is a lab.

Freshmen women on campus in 1961 - the year SCU first admitted women.

46. Students have 16 study rooms throughout Lucas Hall to choose from.
47. A 1,200-square foot cafe in Lucas Hall provides food and drink for those on campus.
48. Construction of Lucas Hall was 100% privately funded.
49. BRIDGES Consulting Program connects MBA students with companies that need help solving specific business problems.
50. Retail Management Institute (RMI) was established in 1980 with a grant from Mervyns.
51. This academic year, the Leavey School of Business has 1,421 undergraduate students.
52. This academic year, the Leavey School of Business has 929 graduate students.
53. Today, we have 149 full-time and part-time faculty members.
54. The Leavey School of Business has 43 staff members to make it all run smoothly.
55. LSB has multiple MBA programs: the Executive MBA; and the Flexible MBA which includes the Accelerated MBA, Evening MBA, & Emerging MBA tracks.
56. LSB's publication Minds@Work highlights faculty research and alumni and student achievements.
57. The Leavey Scholars program offers "honors sections" for high-achieving business undergraduates.
58. The ACE Program for undergraduate business students, one of multiple leadership programs within LSB, began in 1998.
59. LSB partners with Silicon Valley employers to give students opportunities to gain real-world experience:  80% of LSB undergrads complete at least one internship during their time in the business school.
60. LSB's Executive MBA program was launched in 1999.

An aerial view of campus in the 1960s.

61. In 2008, the Donald and Lygia Lucas Hall business facility was dedicated and opened for use.
62. Dr. Mario Belotti has been with the business school longer than anyone currently working here. He came to the Leavey School of Business and Santa Clara in 1959 and still teaches today.
63. LSB offers 9 concentrations within the MBA program.
64. The business school has 16 endowed chairs out of the University's 49.
65. 60% of LSB's Advisory Board are LSB alumni.
66. There are three business fraternities that students can be a part of: Alpha Kappa Psi, Beta Gamma Sigma, and Delta Sigma Pi.
67. There are 8 associations in the business school that undergraduates can participate in.
68. Our 2013-2014 incoming MBA classes are from 150 different companies.
69. The business school admitted over 400 graduate students for the 2013-2014 academic year.
70. CIE hosted the founder of GoPro, Nick Woodman, for their Spring 2012 CIE Speaker Series event. He gave away one of everything they make as well as about a dozen cameras. Needless to say, it was a popular event.
71. CIE was established in 1998 by founding Director Albert V. Bruno, William T. Cleary Professor of Marketing.
72. The Leavey School of Business offers 4 minors to undergraduate students: Entrepreneurship, International Relations, MIS, & Retail Studies.
73. The business school has over 14,000 undergraduate alumni.
74. The Contemplative Leadership and Sustainability Program (CLASP) was formed during the 2009-10 academic year.
75. CLASP was designed for business students interested in opportunities to learn about sustainable business practices.

Students emerging from Benson Center, built in 1963.

76. The EDC offers a Certificate for Advanced Accounting Proficiency (CAAP), designed for individuals with a non-accounting degree, that grants the necessary units to sit for the CPA exam.
77. Lucas Hall was built to LEED-certification standards.
78. 29% of the University's Board of Trustees are business school alumni; two of whom earned their undergraduate and MBA degrees with us.
79. The Operations Management & Information Systems (OMIS) department started as the DIS department (Decisions and Information Systems).
80. LSB master's programs include a Master in Information System, a Master in Entrepreneurship and a Master in Finance.
81. In 1970, the first two Ph.D.'s in business were awarded.
82. The business school's Ph.D. program ran for 17 years, from 1964 to 1981.
83. The business school's Cisco Fellowship, started in 2011 by an OMIS alumna, has been so successful it has expanded to other universities.
84. The business school's undergraduate program has been ranked second in the West by U.S. News & World Report, with its economics program ranked fourth in the nation.
85. The business school and law school work together to provide a JD/MSIS combined graduate program.
86. The management department is current home to three former business school deans: Andre Delbecq, Jim Koch, and Barry Posner.
87. Dr. Mario Belotti served as the chair of the economics department for 22 years.
88. The business school was housed in Kenna Hall and St. Joseph's Hall before moving into Lucas Hall in 2008.
89. The Retail Management Institute was the first inter-disciplinary center on campus to start a research program (the Retail Workbench), providing a deep collaboration between the retail industry and academia.
90. LSB strives to develop leaders through leadership programs at the undergraduate, graduates, and executive levels.
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