Santa Clara University

Bryan Neider

SVP & COO, EA Labels
Electronic Arts

Bryan Neider is VP and Chief Operating Officer of the EA Games Label with responsibility for overseeing the Label’s independent game studios around the globe. As COO of the EA Games Label, Mr. Neider is responsible for a wide range of operational initiatives and business support including managing the Games Label product portfolio, financial planning and reporting. Working with the studio General Managers and their management teams, Mr. Neider is also driving operational and process change designed to support the Label focus on delivering quality, predictability and profitability.

Mr. Neider brings 18 years of experience within EA to the EA Games Label having served in a variety of roles including Business Development, EA Partners, Corporate Finance, CFO and COO for, CFO of WW Studios and beginning in the summer of 2007, CFO of the Games Label.

The EA Games Label is a global operation spans globally with more than 2,500 employees. The EA Games Label is also home to the EA Partners business that includes strategic partnerships with such award-winning studios as Valve, Flagship Studios, id/Fountainhead Entertainment and Harmonix/MTV to name a few.

Mr. Neider joined Electronic Arts in 1989 and held several senior positions in finance, operations, and corporate development. Prior to joining EA, he served at the accounting firm of Touche Ross, at Data East USA and Microprose/Spectrum-Holobyte.

Mr. Neider earned his B.A. Degree in History from Santa Clara University and his Masters of Business Administration from California State Hayward. Mr. Neider serves on several not-for-profit boards including Community Gatepath, an organization that serves adults and children with special needs. Mr. Neider lives in Menlo Park with his wife and 4 children.



B.A. '78 (History)

Joined Board: 2006
SVP & COO, EA Labels
Electronic Arts



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