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Recruiting Cycle for Accounting Firms

Due to the high demand for top accounting students, many accounting firms begin recruiting students as sophomores and juniors. Firms organize events on campus at which they can meet potential job candidates. Through summer externship programs and junior internship programs, firms attempt to attract the best and the brightest business students.

Because entry-level accountants usually undergo extensive formal training before they begin their new positions, most accounting firms require all their new employees to begin work at the same time. In general, most accounting service firms attempt to hire all of their are organized to hire new entry level accountants to begin in early September (around labor day) or (less frequently) in January. Thus, students who graduate in the Spring will usually begin working the following September.

Most firms attempt to hire all of new employees between nine-months and one year in advance of the start date. Most large firms attempt to hire at least half of their new employees through the internship program. (This is why we encourage our students to apply for internships). The remaining entry level employees are hired in the fall quarter of the senior year. Thus, senior interviews for positions in accounting firms generally take place in the fall quarter. Though additional positions may open up after the fall quarter (due to an increase in expected work or unexpected turnover), students who are unable to obtain a position with an accounting firm by the end of the fall quarter of their senior year should expand their job search to include positions in other types of companies.

On-Campus Interviews

The On-Campus Interview (OCI) Program provides students with the opportunity to interview with employers during the fall, winter, and spring quarters for full-time opportunities that are generally available after graduation. InterviewTrak is the part of BroncoLink that houses the On-Campus Interviewing system. Through BroncoLink/InterviewTrak, students can view employer information, submit resumes, cover letters, and sign-up for interviews online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

On-Campus interviews for public accounting positions generally take place in October. Students who are interested in on-campus interviews with public accounting firms must submit their resume through InterviewTrak in early October. Both the Career Center and the SCU Accounting Association have workshops in early October where students can have their resumes critiqued by professional interviewers and CPA professionals.

On-Campus interviews for private industry and governmental positions occur in the fall, winter, and spring quarters. See the Career Center's event calendar and InterviewTrak for more information.

Off-Campus Interviews

Many employers interested in hiring SCU accounting students do not conduct formal on-campus interviews. These employers post their job listings on BroncoLink. Students are able to submit a resume online to employers who then contact the student directly to set up an interview.

Students who wish to contact CPA firms that do not list their jobs on BroncoLink and do not attend Meet-The Firms Night can consult, which lists the accounting firms located within each zip code in the nation.

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