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Company Specifics

Founded: 1996
Headquarters: Bangalore, India.  Local Vietnam subsidiary:  5 Ton duct hang Street, Dist 1, Ho Chi Minh City
Ownership Structure: Owned by DigiNet.  Operated by Mr. Andy Tran Dao Anh and Mr. Tien Nguyen.
Employees: 150 in Ho Chi Minh City
Product/Service: IT consulting and Software Solution provider
Customers:  Focused on small to medium size businesses, especially manufacturing companies.  Currently more than 400 clients.



Mr. Tien Nguyen, Vice Chairman
Mr. Andy Tran Dao Anh, Founder and Chairman



DigiNet was our experience with a true raw start-up in Vietnam.  At 25 strong, our group clearly overwhelmed DigiNet’s available office space.  We congregated in the stiflingly hot lobby and sat on a mish-mash of small chairs, couches, and window sills.  Our conversations at DigiNet were mostly about the emerging market, corruption, job turnover, and weak Vietnam infrastructure.  We were consumed by the wit and capitalist wisdom of our gracious hosts.  


Key Takeaways

DigiNet expands its market base to include Vietnam
India's DigiNet recently opened this new venture in Ho Chi Minh City to capture the fast-growing demand for IT consulting and Software Solutions in Vietnam.  As an early entrant into a market with favorable economic conditions, DigiNet is poised to gain significant share in Vietnam.  


Competition from Western companies is not a concern as Vietnam’s economy continues to grow
Mr. Nguyen was not concerned with competition from Western industry leaders Oracle and SAP, saying that these companies have difficulties adapting to local Vietnamese customs and processes.  Additionally, in one of the more humorous exchanges from our trip, Mr Nguyen confidently declared, “Look at the roads out there, Oracle cannot ride motorbike in this city!”  His point was that DigiNet has intimate knowledge of the local culture and business environment, whereas potential competitors from outside do not.  


Insights on corruption – A way of life
Corruption in Vietnam is not as black-and-white as it is in Western society.  This creates a gray area for outsiders who may judge the Vietnamese culture.  The general Western view of corruption is negative, but the Vietnamese see corruption as an inevitable part of daily life and survival.  One root cause is that many workers in Vietnam do not earn a living wage.  Mr. Nguyen did not shy away from the topic.  He mentioned that the Vietnamese people must fight to survive. 


Posted by:  S. Bozick

The Vice Chairman addressed us in the front room of the office. 


Mr. Tran Dao Anh, the Founder and Chairman, joined us midway through.


Students took turns asking Mr. Nguyen questions after his presentation.


The Chairman and Vice Chairman posed with the Professors.
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