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Company Specifics

Founded: 1995 (as Morgan Interactive)
Headquarters: E-Town Building #1, 7th Floor.  Address:  364 Cong Hoa Street, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Ownership Structure: Privately held company. 
Employees: 110
Product/Service: Game developer and art production facility
Customers:  Main customers include Microsoft, Sega, Xbox, PlayStation, EA, Midway, and Atari



Phil Tran, Founder and General Director
Steve Reid, Chief Financial Officer



Glass Egg Digital Media’s three main areas of business are 3D art asset production, web games, and mobile phone games.  3D art asset production is the core business representing the majority of the company’s revenue.  Glass Egg does not produce entire games from end-to-end; rather it is subcontracted by large console game conglomerates.  Glass Egg’s work is mostly 3D art asset images of cars, trucks, and objects in the general gaming environment.  In addition to a general overview and Q&A opportunities, our group was also given a tour of the production studio.  During the tour we witnessed employees who were developing the next 3D art assets for its clients.  This development included everything from intricate car details (that are later approved by the auto manufacturers) to trees, buildings, and sidewalks.  The employees' attention to detail was mesmerizing.  Some of them were actually “testing” the games too, which is a job many of us would agree to take.


Key Takeaways

Very low employee turnover in a country known for high turnover
Throughout Vietnam our group heard time and time again that the scarcity of skilled workers coupled with favorable economic conditions has meant high employee turnover for most companies.  However, Glass Egg Digital Media’s turnover rate is very low.  Certainly much of this is due to paying fair wages and providing an enjoyable work environment.  Additionally, employees must go through an extensive 6 month, paid training program (with a ~80% pass rate) prior to being hired.  Yet the skills gained by employees during this training are not easily transferable, as there is only one other gaming company located in Ho Chi Minh City.     


Long term vision
Phil Tran and Steve Reid gave valuable insights into the long term vision for Glass Egg Digital Media.  Glass Egg is looking to grow its business beyond 3D art asset production by developing its own massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG).  The vision for this game is to appeal to the worldwide market, as opposed to most online games that only succeed in limited regions because of geographical differences in player preferences.  To maximize the prospects for this venture, Glass Egg will consider partnering with a larger company with an established gaming record.


Government has been hands-off so far
The Vietnamese government can potentially complicate the operations of businesses.  However, Glass Egg Digital Media has been relatively free from government interference for a number of reasons.  Glass Egg operates solely in Vietnam and all of its customers are out of the country.  The software business requires no significant raw materials or imports.  There is no tension with other local companies as Glass Egg is one of the few game developers in Vietnam.  And finally, Glass Egg can still fly somewhat under the radar as its first profitable year was 2005.


Posted by: S. Bozick

GlassEgg is housed in the ultra-modern business complex.


Our Professors presented our hosts with thank-you gifts.


The GlassEgg office space is halfway between cubicle-farm and gaming arcade.
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