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Current Students

Current Students

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Spring Quarter 2015
 Dates  Course  Time  Faculty
 March 21 or 22  184  9 AM-6 PM/8 hours  Ted Christensen/ David Cottrell
 March 28 or 29  184  9 AM-6 PM/8 hours  Ted Christensen/ David Cottrell
 April 4 or 5     Easter Holiday   
 April 11 or 12  184  9 AM-6 PM/8 hours  Ted Christensen/ David Cottrell
 April 18 or 19 184  9 AM-6 PM/8 hours
 April 25 or 26  184  9 AM-1 PM/4 hours  Ted Christensen/ David Cottrell
 April 25 or 26 187  2 PM-6 PM/4 hours   Lawrence Abbott 
 May 2 or 3  187  9 AM-6 PM/8 hours  Lawrence Abbott
 May 9 or 10  187  9 AM-6 PM/8 hours  Lawrence Abbott
 May 16 or 17  187  9 AM-6 PM/8 hours  Lawrence Abbott
 May 23 or 24   Memorial Day Holiday  
 May 30 or 31  187  9 AM-1 PM/4 hours  Lawrence Abbott
 May 30 or 31  183  2 PM-6 PM/4 hours  Susan Parker
 June 6 or 7  183  9 AM-6 PM/8 hours  Susan Parker
 June 13 or 14  183  9 AM-6 PM/8 hours  Susan Parker
 June 20 or 21  183  9 AM-6 PM/8 hours  Susan Parker
 June 27 or 28  183  9 AM-6 PM/8 hours  Susan Parker
Summer 2015


            Date   Course          Faculty
 06/08/15-06/17/15  ACTG 180  Michael Calegari
 ACTG 181  James Sepe
 07/01/15-07/14/15  ACTG 182  Neal Ushman
 07/15/15-07/28/15  ACTG 184 Ted Christensen 
 07/30/15-08/11/15 ACTG 185   Michael Eames
 08/12/15-08/24/15 ACTG 187  Larry Abbott 
 08/25/15-09/04/15 ACTG 186  Suzanne Luttman 
 09/09/15-09/19/15* ACTG 183 Susan Parker 
No class on the following days: 07/03/15, 07/17/15, 07/29/15, 08/19/15, 09/07/15, 09/08/15
* Students that cannot attend the final class on Saturday, September 20, 2015 can make other arrangements with the faculty. Professor Parker can be reached directly at
Fall Quarter 2015
 Dates  Course  Time  Faculty
August 29 or August 30  180  9 AM-2 PM/ 5 hours  Michael Calegari
September 5 or 6
 180  9 AM-6 PM/ 8 hours  Michael Calegari
September 12 or 13  180  9 AM-6 PM/ 8 hours  Michael Calegari
September 19 or 20  180  9 AM-6 PM/ 8 hours  Michael Calegari
September 26 or 27  180  9 AM-1 PM/ 4 hours  Michael Calegari
October 3 or 4
 181  9 AM-6 PM/8 hours  James Sepe/Lynn Pringle
October 10 or 11  181  9 AM-6 PM/8 hours  James Sepe/Lynn Pringle
October 17 or 18  181  9 AM-6 PM/8 hours  James Sepe/Lynn Pringle
October 24 or 25  181  9 AM-6 PM/8 hours  James Sepe/Lynn Pringle
October 31 or November 1
 181  9 AM-1 PM/4 hours  James Sepe/Lynn Pringle
November 7 or 8
 182  9 AM-6 PM/8 hours  Neal Ushman
November 14 or 15  182  9 AM-6 PM/8 hours  Neal Ushman
November 21 or 22  182 9 AM-6 PM/8 hours  Neal Ushman
November 28 or November 29
December 5 or 6
 182  9 AM-6 PM/8 hours  Neal Ushman
December 12 or 13  182  9 AM-1 PM/4 hours  Neal Ushman
December 19 or 20 NO CLASS
December 26 or 27 NO CLASS
Winter Quarter 2016

 Dates Course  Time  Faculty 
 January 2 or 3
 ACTG 186   9 AM-6 PM/8 hours  Suzanne Luttman 
 January 9 or 10  ACTG 186  9 AM-6  PM/8 hours  Suzanne Luttman
 January 16 or 17  ACTG 186   9 AM-6 PM/8 hours  Suzanne Luttman
 January 23 or 24
 ACTG 186  9AM-6 PM/8 hours  Suzanne Luttman
 January 30 or 31
 ACTG 186  9 AM-1 PM/4 hours  Suzanne Luttman
 February 6 or 7
 ACTG 185   9 AM-6 PM/8 hours  Michael Eames
 February 13 or 14  NO CLASS   HOLIDAY   PRESIDENTS' DAY
 February 20 or 21  ACTG 185   9 AM-6 PM/8 hours   Michael Eames 
 February 27 or 28
 ACTG 185  9 AM-6 PM/8 hours  Michael Eames
 March 5 or 6
 ACTG 185  9 AM-6 PM/8 hours  Michael Eames
 March 12 or 13  ACTG 185  9 AM-1 PM/4 hours  Michael Eames


Spring Quarter 2016
 Dates  Course  Time  Faculty
 March 19 or 20  184  9 AM-6 PM/8 hours Ted Christensen/ David Cottrell
 March 26 or 27  NO CLASS
 April 2 or 3
 184  9 AM-6PM/8 hours
Ted Christensen/ David Cottrell
 April 9 or 10  184  9 AM-6 PM/8 hours  Ted Christensen/ David Cottrell
 April 16 or 17  184  9 AM-6 PM/8 hours
 April 23 or 24  184  9 AM-1 PM/4 hours  Ted Christensen/ David Cottrell
 April 23 or 24  187   2 PM-6 PM/4 hours   Lawrence Abbott 
April 30 or May 1
 187  9 AM-6 PM/8 hours  Lawrence Abbott
 May 7 or 8
 187  9 AM-6 PM/8 hours  Lawrence Abbott
 May 14 or 15  187  9 AM-6 PM/8 hours  Lawrence Abbott
 May 21 or 22  187  9 AM-1 PM/4 hours
Lawrence Abbott
 May 21 or 22
 183  2 PM-6 PM/4 hours  Susan Parker
 May 28 or 29
 June 4 or 5
 183  9 AM-6 PM/8 hours  Susan Parker
 June 11 or 12  183  9 AM-6 PM/8 hours  Susan Parker
 June 18 or 19
 183  9 AM-6 PM/8 hours  Susan Parker
 June 25 or 26  183  9 AM-1 PM/4hours  Susan Parker
Text Books
Spring 2015
ACTG 183: Auditing
Professor Susan Parker


There is a CAAP custom text book available ONLY in the Santa Clara University Bookstore that is less expensive than the full edition. (required)

Thibodeau and Friere, Auditing and Accounting Cases: Investigating Issues of Fraud and Professional Ethics, 4th edition, 9780077520168 (required)

ACTG 184: Advanced Financial Accounting
Professor Ted Christensen and Professor David Cottrell and

Christensen, Cottrell & Budd.  Advanced Financial Accounting, 11th Edition. 2015. McGraw-Hill/Irwin.  ISBN: 9780078025877 (required)

ACTG 187: Accounting Information Systems
Professor Lawrence Abbott

Romney and Steinbart.  Accounting Information Systems, 11th edition, Prentice Hall. ISBN: 0136015182  (required)

Note: The campus bookstore only stocks the most recent edition of textbooks. ACTG 187 requires the 11th edition; however, there is a 12th edition that will be available in the bookstore.

Winter 2015
ACTG 185 Cost Management and Strategy - Professor Michael Eames 

Horngren, Datar and Foster, Itner, Cost Accounting: A managerial emphasis, 13th Edition, 2009, Pearson. ISBN: 9780136126638 (required) 

ACTG 186 Tax Aspects of Business Decisions – Professor Suzanne Luttman 

Murphy and Higgins, Concepts in Federal Taxation, 2015 ED, South-Western Cengage Learning. ISBN: 9781285439815 (required) Note: You do NOT need the software that the text is frequently bundled with, so any form of the text is acceptable: hardback, paperback, loose-leaf, rented, etc. Please contact Professor Luttman directly with any questions at 
Fall 2014
ACTG 180 ACTG 180 Accounting for Business Decisions - Professor Michael Calegari
  Libby, Libby, Short, Financial Accounting, 8th edition, 2013, McGraw-Hill/Irwin, ISBN: 9780078025556 (required).
This book can "rented" from the bookstore or purchased as an electronic book (Note: You must still bring the book to class through an ipad or something similar if you do not wish to purchase the book).
ACTG 181 Intermediate Financial Accounting I - Professor James Sepe
  Spiceland, Sepe, Nelson Intermediate Accounting, Volume I, Chapters 1-12, Seventh Edition, 2013, Irwin/McGraw-Hill. ISBN: 9780077446499 (required)

 Spiceland, Sepe, Nelson Study Guide for use with Intermediate Accounting, Seventh Edition, Volume 1, Chapters 1-12, 2013, Irwin/McGraw-Hill. ISBN: 9780077446437 (recommended).
ACTG 182 Intermediate Financial Accounting II - Professor Neal Ushman
  Intermediate Accounting for Santa Clara University (A custom-published text). John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 2013. ISBN 9781119914525. (required).  



Summer 2015 Sylibi
ACTG 180
ACTG 181 

Student Services

student services

Disability Resources

disability resources

The Office of Disabilities Resources has been designated by the University to ensure access for all students with disabilities to all academic programs and University resources. Types of disabilities include medical, physical, psychological, attention-deficit, and learning disabilities. Reasonable accommodations are provided to minimize the effects of a student’s disability and to maximize the potential for success.

Visit the Office of Disabilities Website

International Student Services

International Student Services

The International Student Services (ISS) promotes the education and development of international students to enable them to achieve excellence in their academic and professional goals and encourages the understanding of diverse cultures and perspectives throughout the University.

Visit the International Student Services Website

Enrollment Services

enrollment services

The Enrollment Services Center is located on the first floor of the new Patricia A. and Stephen C. Schott Admission & Enrollment Services Building. The friendly staff in the "OneStop" is here to assist you with your billing, financial aid and registration needs. They have eliminated the need for you to travel across campus or call multiple departments to obtain answers to your Bursar, Financial Aid and Registrar-related questions.

Visit the Enrollment Services Website

Financial Aid & Tuition

financial aid

Learn about your financial aid options and tuition costs

Visit the site here

CAAP Payment Information

payment- sm

Need to make a CAAP tuition payment?

Read the eCampus guide 

Go to Ecampus

Parking and Transportation

A permit is not required on Saturday, Sunday, or University holidays. Santa Clara maintains two large parking structures and dozens of smaller parking lots around campus. To park on University-owned property, every vehicle must have a valid parking permit visibly displayed between the hours of 6 a.m. and 8 p.m., Monday through Friday. Daily permits are available from the Main Gate kiosk, which is located at the University's main entrance.

Please contact Transportation Services if you have questions at (408) 551-7080. Visit the SCU Transportation Site

SCU Zip Car Site

Zimride ridesharing at SCU

Drop / Withdrawl Requests

Class adds and drops must be requested in writing via email to

If you withdraw prior to the first day of your first course, you will receive a 100% refund (less $200 non-refundable deposit). If you withdraw after the beginning of your first course, you will receive 50% refund for courses not yet begun. No refunds will be given for any course already begun.

On-Campus Housing Summer 2015

Summer 2015 On-Campus Housing

Summer housing is available to both SCU and non-SCU students taking classes during the summer.

Santa Clara University is able to offer limited housing accommodations to CAAP program students this summer in the University Villa Residence Hall.

Accommodations for students are available from Monday, June 15, 2015 through Thursday, September 3, 2015.

Please note the move in and out dates.The CAAP program falls outside of the initial move in and out dates meaning June 9-15, 2015 and September 5-19, 2015 you will be responsible for off-campus housing accommodations.


Applications open April 15, 2015.

For more information please see the Housing web site:

The University does not provide bed linens, towels, or telephone service.Residence hall cable TV service is provided by the University.

Summer 2015 Weekly Rates

Summer housing residents are billed utilizing a weekly rate.

University Villas 4 Bedroom Double 


University Villas 4 Bedroom Premium Single (attached bathroom or walk-in closet


University Villas 4 Bedroom Regular Single (no attached bathroom nor does the room have a walk-in closet)


University Villas 2 Bedroom Single


University Villas 1 Bedroom Single                                                                                                       


Off Campus Housing Options

This link will give you some options:


All questions regarding housing should be directed to the Housing Office: or (408)554-4900.

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