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California Program for Entrepreneurship 2011 Cohort

Mila Rudominskaya,  Strattica Network

Strattica Network is a platform for entrepreneurs to find business partners and acquire ownership in small businesses for income, value creation and accelerated career advancement. We facilitate introductions and relationship-building between potential business partners and provide tools to identify acquisition opportunities. We aim to bring buyers and sellers of whole or partial businesses together, in a secure, transparent, on-line marketplace which includes comprehensive transaction support. Strattica Network: Wealth and meaning through partial business ownership.


Mila Rudominskaya is co-owner of Strattica Network and also a business loan underwriter for Wells Fargo Bank. Previously a co-owner of a small business, Mila experienced first-hand the problems of selling a minority stake in a business. She cofounded Strattica Network as a viable solution to a glaring market inefficiency. Mila has experience in every aspect of small business, from being a partner at an advertising agency and providing technical assistance to California start-up companies to making over a thousand business loan judgments including several business acquisitions. Mila holds a Bachelor of Science degree in management in a manufacturing industry from Belarusian State Polytechnic Academy and has completed PhD coursework in marketing at Belarusian State Technical University. She is currently pursuing an MBA from Santa ClaraUniversity.