Santa Clara University

Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

California Program for Entrepreneurship 2010 Cohort

Santa Clara's California Program for Entrepreneurship is proud to help emerging start-up companies get started in California through this new program. Below are just a few of the CAPE participants for the 2010 session.

College Textbook Equity            

College Textbook Equity plans to be a non-profit organization providing textbooks with a Creative Commons or similar license that allows anyone to download, modify, mix, and print the content to suit a particular class or need. This company focuses on providing community college students with an inexpensive, easily accessible alternative to buying textbooks.  

BuxtonBill Buxton is currently a full-time consultant for the Community College Open Textbooks Collaborative, a non-profit project funded by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.  The project's primary goals are to study the feasibility of providing free or low-cost open textbooks to community college students. Previous positions include work in software development for Bravadi, and as a senior program manager at HSD Consulting,  Evolvent Technologies, Inc. and Exite@Home. Bill is an accomplished education consultant, technology manager, program manager and financial/business analyst. He earned his master's degree in business administration from Santa Clara University , as well as master's and bachelor's degrees in economics from the University of Missouri.

Grant Writers for the Arts Foundation                

Grant Writers for the Arts Foundation is a California-based private family foundation that supports elementary and middle school Education programs to improve the quality of cultural arts education.  The audience for the GWA Foundation includes but is not limited to school districts that have eliminated funding for cultural arts; community based organizations in urban environments that are focused on achieving cultural arts in our most distressed communities that desire to positively impact music education and accreditation. 

KathleenKathleen Greely has extensive experience in non-profit fundraising in arts/culture, health, and human service environments. Currently a consultant, she has been executive director of the San Francisco Urban Community Housing Corporation, director of marketing at Lawyers Asset Management, Inc. in Oakland, training and development director for the Toledo (Ohio) Lucas County Head Start, and school-to-work coordinator for the Toledo Public Schools. She is a founding member of the NorCal chapter of the American Association of Grant Professionals and is currently working on a degree in management and organizational development at Spring Arbor University in Michigan.


iCoupon is in interactive social networking website that provides usersunique daily deals in specific regions along with discounts for thousands ofnational retailers, and coupons to local businesses throughout the UnitedStates.  iCoupon provides an all-in-one online shopping experience topurchase, share, and interact with other users and businesses in order tosave money.  iCoupon was launched in August of 2010 and already has a large subscriber base in each of the eight cities in which it is functioning.Whether you want to buy the deal of the day for over 50% to a localrestaurant or you just want to get a coupon to shop at Macy's, is the website for you.

*Editor's Note*  Congratulations to Matt Lehr, iCoupon was a winner of the 2010 Plug and Play University Expo on October 1.  For more information, please see our web article on the news.

MattMatthew Lehr, founder of iCoupon, also is currently CEO On Point Production,an online marketing company, and through the CAPE program is working on thedevelopment of a Retail Tracking Software. Previously, he was a client andpublic relations manager at Alternative Strategies and a marketing managerwith the San Jose SaberCats (Professional Arena Football). He is a 2007graduate of the University of Arizona, where he received a bachelor's degreein business administration and marketing.


Almost all of us find ourselves in a learning environment for a significant portion of our lives. The challenge however is not just in imbibing the knowledge, but also understanding the 'ways' through which we learn best. Do we understand concepts better when they appear as a scheme? Can we make visual images through text that we read? Would group tasks be more effective than individual tasks? These are the questions that MANAV (Meeting and Navigating Across Venues), a tool (product and service) that allows learners to discover their strengths, optimize and quantify individual learning can help answer. MANAV aims to serve as a platform for optimizing learning. This tool will help people learn how they learn best. Target customers would range from leadership programs for Fortune 500 companies to a learning style- based groups for university classes.

ShashankShashank Saggar is a solution architect at Adobe Inc., where he leads technical teams implementing Adobe's (formerly Omniture) web optimization suite of product. He previously served as an application developer at AY Inc., a consultant and key developer with ExcelaCom and a web/database developer at the Alliance for Minority Participation Program. He has a master's degree in electrical and computer engineering from Drexel University in Pennsylvania and is currently working on a master's in business administration at Santa Clara University.

Megan's Living Well

Megan's Living Well is a health and wellness company offering gift boxes of motivational cards to provide incentive and support to individuals with chronic health conditions. These cards, which encourage readers to take charge of their well-being, include a wide range of information from health and wellness experts about living with chronic illness. Future goals include expanded accessibility in these markets: downloadable daily reminders for mobile devices, publishing in ebook format and translating the cards into Spanish.


Amy Sibiga, CEO of Megan's Living Well, has a 20-year career producing publications, including numerous culture and language interactive learning modules for the Department of Defense, and  as contributing author to Guidelines for Stalking Intervention for California Law Enforcement (POST) and the pop culture book, The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, a Century by the Sea. Her photographs and artwork have been published internationally in numerous books and magazines. She earned a graduate degree in science communication, and bachelor's degrees in biology and environmental studies from the University of California.


MobilTrends will enable businesses to expand their online markets by creating websites that are compatible with iPhones and other smart mobile devices. ECommerce solutions offered by traditional infrastructure providers, such as Yahoo and Intuit, or by shopping cart vendors, such as OSCommerce, are not suited to smart devices. Our solution is a full-featured scalable platform running in the cloud, featuring an easy to use and highly configurable interface for the non-technical user. It is based on detecting smart device browsers, such as Safari, and feeding the data into a compatible format.

AJ Hunyady A.J. Hunyady, MobilTrends founder and CEO, was formerly director  of software engineering at SpiderCloud Wireless in Santa Clara, a senior engineering manager at Juniper Networks in Sunnyvale and a software engineer at Netscreen Technology, Netcom Communications and Computer Associates. The holder of two patents concerning voice-over-internet-protocol (VOIP) calling, he received both his  bachelor's and master's degrees in computer science at San Jose State University.



NuTREEtion is an existing Health Education Center offering natural health and beauty services. Health Education Center NuTREEtion incorporates thoroughly researched approaches to health care offered by both Western and traditional Chinese medicine.  NuTREEtion offers supplements and exercise regiments that facilitate prevention of chronic diseases and makes information available to a general public via educational programs and support.  Future goals include developing an online support program and expanding services into the workplace. 

AnnaAnna Iosifova is the co-founder of the Health Education Center in San Francisco and Ottawa, where she is supervising opening and operating nine independent distribution and training centers. However, her primary background is in law. She is a graduate of the State University School of Law in St. Petersburg, Russia, and has worked as a paralegal, legal assistant and investigator at a number of Bay Area firms and as a lawyer in Paris and St. Petersburg.

Pivot Furniture

Pivot Furniture is an existing household furnishing corporation producing unique multi-functional luxury organic children's furniture that can live in any décor.  The company uses innovative designs, combined with eco-friendly manufacturing, to create safe products for their modern minded customers.  The products are offered in a range of solid wood species from sustainable sources and finished with natural oils.  The main target market is families in the upper income bracket. 

Barbara Ely septBarbara Ely, Pivot's chief financial officer, has grown two small businesses and has more than 19 years experience in operational accounting and system development for manufacturing facilities.  She is currently cost accounting manager for Flowserve Corp. in Vernon, Ca.  Previously, she was at BGE Consulting, Haskel International, Anthony Manufacturing and Ingersoll-Rand.  She is working on a master's degree in business administration at Heriot-Watt University.

RMC Solutions, Inc.                        

RMC Solutions, Inc. is an existing corporation providing solutions to improve quality of life and benefit the earth. The first patented product will be a specialty pillow system designed to enable side sleeping without shoulder pressure or discomfort.

Jan Peterson Jan Petersen co-founded RMC Solutions Inc. in 2006. From 1979 to 2008, he was a railroad conductor for Southern Pacific Transportation Company and Amtrak, where he trained and mentored new engineers and conductors. He also served as a land division project consultant, planned and led ecological removal of a storm-felled 27 ft diameter, 2700 years old giant sequoia under contract with UC Berkeley, and co-invented the Swallow Designs Glider, patented in 1975. He was the last person licensed to capture and raise a golden eagle as part of a California conservation program. Jan excelled in the White Stag Leadership Development program, and achieved the prestigious Eagle Scout award through participation in Boy Scouts of America. His education includes participation in the California Program for Entrepreneurship (CAPE) at Santa Clara University's Leavey School of Business, Hartnell Junior College in Salinas, and a carpenter apprentice program at Cabrillo Junior College.

The Tablescape Diva | Tablescape Magic

The Tablescape Diva will be an entertainment and home décor company, providing convenient table decorating kits for every holiday, occasion, or home decorating project. These kits are fast, inexpensive solutions to enhancing tables in a fun, creative fashion.  Consumers spend billions of dollars on seasonal merchandise to celebrate the many holidays of the year, but most of these items are disposed of after the holiday. The Tablescape Magic kits can be used year after year.  Via a community website and social networking, consumers learn how to re-use their products, creating a different look with each use, and can obtain tips, trends, and traditions for life's everyday celebrations.

*Editor's Note*  Charlene Davis was interviewed on KTVU-TV2 in September together with fellow cohort members Ted Biala and Amy Sibiga.  For a link to the blog post on the event, including a link to the footage, please click here.

CharleneCharlene Davis, CPA, is the founder of  The Tablescape Diva|Tablescape Magic and two previous companies, Setting Traditions, Inc., a tableware and accessories direct selling company, and EpicTel Inc., a telecommunications company. She has worked as controller at Chevron Land & Development in Newport Beach and as an audit professional at KPMG. She has a bachelor's degree in accounting from San Diego State University. She also is involved with several community and philanthropic organizations. The mother of four children, she lives in Laguna Niguel, California.


Wixci is an online and mobile platform that allows you to reach deep into your networks and leverage it to find exactly what items you are looking for. We are shifting the control from a seller to a buyer. Unlike current classified ads, which concentrate on the supply side of a sale, Wixci is an online marketplace that allows people to earn money by helping others find what they are looking for.

 Aris HarutyunyanAris Harutyunyan, a strategy developer for Wixci, is a research associate at Collaborative Economics. Previously, he was a junior investment analyst and asset transition specialist at Concert Global in San Jose. He recently graduated from Santa Clara University, where he majored in economics.