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Welcome 2013 CAPE Cohort

Santa Clara University CIE welcomed the 2013 California Program for Entrepreneurship (CAPE) cohort for their first on-campus weekend session July 12.  This cohort is the largest to date for the program, now in our fourth year. 

welcomedeanstarbird The cohort, consisting of 35 entrepreneurs with diverse ventures and varying stages of venture development, were welcomed by Dr. Drew Starbird, Dean of the Leavey School of Business and founder of CAPE.  Executive Director of Entrepreneurship Programs Dan Aguiar provided the group with a history and overview of the program as well as orientation information.  

After a welcome lunch reception, a panel of CAPE alumni (one from each year of the program) shared their experiences in the program and provided updates on their ventures.   alumni panelShown at left (l to r) are Alanna (Simpkins) Harvey, President of Forward Day (CAPE 2010); Shawn Lange, Co-Founder & CEO of L2F Inc. (CAPE 2011), and Mariana Faerron-Gutierrez, Owner of Tico Coffee Roasters (CAPE 2012).   

The remainder of the CAPE on-campus kickoff weekend consisted of class modules and guest speakers.

The cohort will be back on campus for their next on-site weekend in August for class sessions and mentor meetings. Profiles of featured CAPE participants will be available on the CIE website in the Fall.

More About CAPE:  danorientation

The California Program for Entrepreneurship is an initiative of the Leavey School of Business at Santa Clara University.  CAPE provides education and mentoring to emerging entrepreneurs to help them develop and implement business plans that will contribute to the growth and well-being of the California economy.   

Important to note about CAPE is that SCU does not receive a "cut" or percentage of ownership of any of the CAPE ventures-our goal is to educate, mentor and assist our entrepreneurs create successful, sustainable businesses for themselves and our community for years to come.  Also, we do not limit participation to a given industry-each year, our cohort members pursue ventures in a variety of sectors including but certainly not limited to retail products, restaurants, hospitality industry, service-based businesses, commercial equipment, green tech, solar energy, alternative transportation, engineering, pharmaceutical industry, mobile apps, gaming, and others in high-tech industry.

Our team of SCU faculty and industry leader instructors and experienced mentors combined with our Jesuit philosophy provides an ideal environment to help entrepreneurs develop their ventures while learning  in the heart of Silicon Valley.    

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