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VCIC 2014

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Internal Competition and Regional VCIC

VCIC 2014


Congratulations to the Entrepreneurs Connection team for another successful internal VCIC Competition on October 26!  This competition is structured to mirror the international competition, with the winner moving on to represent SCU in the Silicon Valley Regional leg of this tournament.  

Unlike traditional business plan competitions in which student teams pitch their own ideas to investors, at VCIC, the students are the investors and it's their job to determine investment and how much.  The full-day event begins with presentations by area entrepreneurs, each team then decides which entrepreneur/venture they're going to select and then they break out to do their due diligence and report back with their rationale for investment.  

The organizers of VCIC are quick to point out that the mission of the program is educational, not commercial, and none of the deals are known to have been initiated at a VCIC event. "We're not in the business of playing dealmaker," comments VCIC director Patrick Vernon from UNC's Kenan-Flagler Business School. "We are focused on teaching students about financing new ventures, and the most effective way to do that is to expose them to the best deals and investors. Lucky for us, the best entrepreneurs and VCs like to meet each other, too."

Congratulations to Lauren Vanderhoff, Ryan Henkensiefken, Connor O'Brien, Gregory Tseng, Jaime Saavedra and Jean-Marc Soumet on their first place win of the SCU Internal VCIC Competition!  The team competed in the  to go on to compete in the VCIC Silicon Valley Regional competition held at UNC in San Jose on February 7.

Congratulations to our team and also to the EC team for their extensive efforts on this marathon event, and congratulations to the winners!

First Place:

th_1399052227_2013 Internal VCIC EC 1st place

Second Place: 

th_1399052202_2013 internal VCIC EC 2nd place

Third Place:

th_1399052256_2013 internal VCIC EC 3rd place

Special thanks to the following team behind the team:

Coach:  Finance Associate Professor Robert Hendershott.  Dr. Hendershott also accompanied the team to the competition.

Advisor:  CIE Executive Director Dan Aguiar 

Mentors:  Shashank Saggar, Dyuman Bhatt, Steve Goldberg, and CIE Advisory Board Members Steve Foster, Rocky Pimentel, and Andy Bartley


~Abby Kilkenny
CIE Marketing, Communications & Logistics Assistant


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