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The CIE hosts quarterly field trips to to successful startups and industry giants based in the Silicon Valley.    How can you join us?  Join the CIE Mailing Lists today!

Field Trip History


Linkedin for webField Trip

LinkedIn 4 16 13 group

The Spring CIE Field Trip brought us to the LinkedIn Headquarters in Mountain View on April 16.  LinkedIn Campus Events Program Manager Amber Halstead organized a fantastic afternoon for our group of undergraduate and graduate students.

time capsuleAmber and our gracious tour guides led us to the Culture Club Conference Room for an overview of the afternoon.  We split into two tour groups and began our journey through a number of buildings on the growing LinkedIn campus.  Highlights included the time capsule (shown at right), many kitchens, the café, the fitness and wellness rooms in addition to the gym with guided equipment tutorials, the game room, the seemingly endless complimentary food and beverages, and the Next Play music room where LinkedIn employees take the garage band to the next level.  We also toured through the executive area and waved hello to Reid Hoffman himself.  

Through each of the workspace areas, we were greeted with a smile and a "welcome to LinkedIn" from employees.  We even got to see the brand new Building 6, which had just opened the day before we arrived!

alanwangAfter some delicious hot snacks, we enjoyed a keynote address from Bronco Alan Wang, LinkedIn Head of New Market Development and Operations, APAC Customer Services.  His dynamic presentation included a great snapshot of attendees featuring our Most Popular Profile-Jill Sturges, Most Connected Network-Ahmad Al-Ghazi, and Earliest Adapter-Emily Wilcox.  We learned more about the history of LinkedIn, what's next for the organization as they're on the horizon of their 10th anniversary this May, their revenue stream, incubator program, and how employers and recruiters are using LinkedIn to redefine the path between job vacancies and the best candidates. 

Next up was an interactive Q&A session with SCU Alumni Doris Tong, Manager of Technical Talent Acquisition, and Michael Lee, Technical Program Manager, who joined Alan for the panel discussion.   In addition to the invaluable takeaways from the discussion, each attendee received a personalized map of his/her LinkedIn network.

Attendees were impressed with the work environment and noticed how much everyone enjoyed their job and coming to work-a fantastic work environment in a company that fosters creativity, rewards hard work, is committed to employee health and wellness and truly values their employees. Our bus ride back gave everyone the opportunity to enjoy our frozen yogurt from the café, chat about the afternoon and connect with each other (and grow our network map!) via LinkedIn through the mobile app.

Please click here for more photos of the trip!

Special thanks to our friends at LinkedIn for a wonderful afternoon!


googleField Trip


Google 2013 Group Shot

The Winter CIE Field Trip brought us to Google Headquarters in Mountain View on March 5. SCU alum Malley Driscoll-Luttringer hosted our group of undergraduate and graduate students for the afternoon.

Google 2013 mapOur trip began with a photo op at the Android guy, which is the welcoming statue to the Google Mascot Lawn, where larger than life Android Operating System mascots await eager visitors.  Android uses code names for their operating systems rather than number-based systems.  The mascots include Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, FroYo, Gingerbread, Honeycomg, Ice Cream Sandwich, and the latest Android operating system, Jellybean.

google android systems 

google android systems2

We then spent some time in Building 44 at the mascots learning about Android, and looking through the various Android devices on display with other robots and droids-this building houses a glass floor: 

google glass floor

StanStudents had the opportunity to meet Stan, the Google T-Rex, see the rocket replica (the original is in the Smithsonian), look through the whiteboard, learn about the LEED efforts for the buildings (where google strives for a gold LEED certification rating), see the Google doodle machine (where you have the opportunity to work with a google doodle of your own), check out Google Earth 360 view (which had its beginnings from a googler's 20% time where googlers may spend 20% of their time on a project of their own design), and shop at the Google onsite store (filled with all things Google from clothing to frisbees to candy dishes and even Android footed pajamas complete with hood!).

google doodler

As we toured the Googleplex, we also saw many of the other well-known hallmarks of Goole like the Google bikes, seemingly endless food and beverage stations and cafes, ping pong tables, endless pools, sand volleyball court (just like at SCU!),  soccer field and outdoor recreation class area, gardens of fruit and vegetables planted and tended by Google employees, and learned about some of the other amenities offered to employees such as on-site gyms, dry-cleaning, laundry, haircuts, oil changes for your vehicles, shuttle services and of course, free meals in any of the cafes.  We also learned about much of the artwork featured prominently around the campus, including the shark fin, a sculpture from Burning Man on generous loan from the artist.

We ended the tour with an entertaining and informative panel discussion where SCU alumni Caitlin Adair, Caitlin Hager, Jessica Low and Erin DeMartini shared their experiences and present roles, discussed the transition to the job world from Santa Clara, interviewing tips, and stressed the value of the many internship and immersion trip experiences Santa Clara University offers students, and explained the importance of creating and managing a healthy work-balance.

Please click here to see more photos from the day!

Special thanks to our friends at Google for a wonderful afternoon!   


techshop_logo_LG-300x105Field Trip

Techshop1 420

The Fall CIE Field Trip brought undergraduate and graduate students to the TechShop San Jose on the day of a Wall Street Journal article featuring the startup.  techstop4 

We enjoyed a history of how the TechShop came to fruition and a Q&A session before the tour began.  The TechShop is a playground for creativity, with something for everyone.  Part fabrication and prototyping studio, part hacker space, part learning center, the TechShop offers access to over $1 million worth of professional equipment and software.   They also provide comprehensive instruction and expert staff to ensure their members have a meaningful and rewarding experience.  The facility offers laser cutters, plastics & electronics labs, machine shop, wood shop, metal working shop, textiles department, welding stations, and waterjet cutters.  Members have open access to all design software as well including Autodesk Design Suite. techshop2 240

As we navigated through huge project areas with large work tables and equipment, we saw members working on their projects and samples of some of the specialty equipment including the laser cutter, water laser cutter, 3-D printer and scan booth, injection molding equipment and much more.    techshop3240

Memberships range from one month to one year and they offer a discount student membership as well.  Whether you're working on a quilt for a gift, or putting together a prototype on the laser cutter or doing a limited production run for your startup, the TechShop is a unique one-stop shop that's right in your backyard.  For more information or pricing, please visit the TechShop online.



Bonus Fall Field Trip:  twitter

Students enrolled in the Minor in Entrepreneurship and on the CIE Mailing Lists had the opportunity to join with the Marketing Student Club UMARK for an exciting field trip to Twitter Headquarters in San Francisco in October.  Special thanks to UMark for saving room for us!


Cisco 210 pixelsField Trip


The CIE Spring Quarter Field Trip brought undergraduate and graduate students to the Cisco headquarters in San Jose on April 25.

The afternoon began with an interactive presentation and SCU alumni panel discussion facilitated by Bronco Camille Da Silva Gatenby, Cisco University Manager, US West University Connection. 

We also enjoyed a TelePresence demo, learning more about how TelePresence brings productivity to the next stage as well as background on the "how it works" aspect of the integrated video conferencing system-the eye contact across the table was particularly interesting.  The system provides an authentic in-person meeting feel.

Next up was a visit to see some of Cisco's innovative business solutions.  We saw how the Cisco thin client works with digital signage at businesses, subway stations, and sports arenas, allowing multiple signage tailored to an event's/sponsor's/activity's direct need, all conveniently done remotely and nearly instantly.  Cisco's borderless networks and innovative technology was demonstrated with several creative solutions including an IP phone unit coupled with a removable tablet-style unit that takes video conferencing right to your desk phone (and off your desk with a quick unhook of the tablet unit). 

Our thanks to Camille, Jason and Selina for hosting our group and special thanks to Tara Kaverman, Cisco University Specialist, for coordinating our exciting day at Cisco!



Linked In logoField Trip

CIE Linked In Field Trip March 14 420

The CIE Field Trip for Winter Quarter brought us to the LinkedIn headquarters in Mountain View on March 14.

Our group enjoyed a tour through three buildings on the LinkedIn campus including a trip through one of the many kitchens, the cafe, a gym, the infamous LinkedIn music room ready to jam, the game room, as well as several workspaces where we were greeted at every turn with a "welcome to LinkedIn" from their employees-what a great work environment!    Welcome to linked in 210

Campus Recruiting Associate Lauren Yee arranged for the tour and a detailed presentation from SCU alum Kevin Wang ('00 OMIS).  A group of three other SCU graduates joined us for an informative panel discussion and Q&A.

Special thanks to CIE Advisory Board Member (and fellow Bronco!) Steve Sordello, Chief Financial Officer of LinkedIn, for facilitating this exciting event for students.



googleField Trip

Google Group 420 pixels 

Google-ween provided no tricks but plenty treats On Friday, October 28, at our tour of Google headquarters in Mountain View. The CIE sponsored and coordinated the tour for members of the undergraduate student club Santa Clara Entrepreneurs Organization (SCEO) and members of the Dean's Leadership Program Entrepreneurship group.

SCU Board of Regents member Kyle Ozawa, Senior Account Manager of AdWords and Product Specialist for the new Google Wallet, got a chance to use his tour skills honed as an SCU Ambassador as he gave us a walking tour of several buildings across the campus. Students had the opportunity to meet Google's T-Rex (Stan), see the original production servers and wall of cooling fans, visited the infamous Charlie's Cafe, saw the whiteboard wall and the celebrity photo wall, toured one of the gym facilities, learned about Google honey from their own bee colony, and shopped in the Google store (filled with all things Google from clothing and outerwear to gumball machines and yo yos including youTube tube socks). Kyle even located Santa Clara University on the multi-screen Google Earth display.Stan 210

As we walked from building to building, we also saw first-hand much of the other well-known hallmarks of Google such as their bikes (although not the conference bike), the food within 150 feet of any employee (all complimentary), and pool tables and ping pong tables next to conference tables. We even passed by the haircut truck-step away from your desk to get a haircut!

The group enjoyed a lively Q&A with a panel of Googlers (all in costume), who shared their personal experiences on how they came to work there, discussed their Ambassador program (which was likened to our Study Abroad but imagine doing your job in Australia for a quarter!), and explained how the Google philosophy and culture fosters and embraces entrepreneurial thinking in their workforce. Each of the panelists also offered Kyle Tour 210advice and tips for SCU students including the importance of taking advantage of all that college has to offer and not miss out on programs and opportunities offered by various groups including not only the CIE and Undergraduate Business Programs Office, but also the Career Center, the other club events on campus, speakers, office hours opportunities, mock interviews and resume reviews.

Have an idea for a field trip? Send your suggestions to Linda Jenkins-the CIE typically hosts a field trip each quarter.



googleField Trip

Google Field Trip 

The CIE recently sponsored a field trip to Google headquarters in Mountain View. The group enjoyed a rainy Googleplex tour, visit to the Google Store, and a Q&A session with 3 SCU alumni who shared their experience. Our special thanks to our tour host, Kyle Ozawa, Senior Account Manager of AdWords and SCU Alum/Member of the SCU Board of Regents.



180px-Cisco_logo Field Trip


Cisco Field Trip Phone

The CIE and OMIS Department sponsored a field trip to Cisco for members of the SCEO and OMIS student clubs.  Professor Mu Xia organized an exciting afternoon including a facility tour, a Telepresence demonstration at Cisco's Executive Briefing Center as well as a visit to their Deep Space Nine room with refreshments, networking and a presentation by Information Technology Manager Andy Broer.  


 Cisco Field Trip Telepresence





Fall Quarter Field Trip: Global Entrepreneurship Week

Field Trip Friday:  Hacker DoJo and Plug and Play Tech Center

The CIE took to the road for Field Trip Friday, visiting Hacker DoJo in Mountain View and the Plug and Play Tech Center in Sunnyvale. 

The trip started with Hacker DoJo, a community of engineers, artists, scientists, activists, entrepreneurs and other creative people centered around a co-working and social facility.  Throughout the tour, the group enjoyed hearing about the various offerings and activities of "the Dojo,"  saw one entrepreneur's 3-D printer, and received a demo of YourVersion from Co-Founder Chris Haase (below).





The next stop on the trip was the Plug and Play Tech Center in Sunnyvale where the group enjoyed a tour of the facility and had the opportunity to sit in on one of their EIR (Executives in Residence) sessions in which 4-5 startups present to the EIRs and get feedback on their presentations/ventures. 

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