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 Mike Kyriacou

Mike Kyriacou
CEO, Great Big Enterprises
Executive Director & Owner
The Strattica Group

Mike Kyriacou is an Australian entrepreneur, entertainer, investor and advisor, now based in Silicon Valley.

Mike graduated top student in computer engineering (with First Class Honors).  His thesis on Ternary Pixel Selection Systems broke new ground on bio-electronic brain-to-screen interfaces.

As a graduate at BP Refinery, he created Y2K tools and processes that were ultimately endorsed by BP Global as the standard tools for product risk assessment.  Moving on to Honeywell, the automation tools and production system Mike designed and oversaw resulted in a 60-fold decrease in product development costs and higher quality control, without sacrificing sale price.  Mike was chosen to be one of The Twelve Architects, of ERG Group, advising on the strategic allocation of capital and technology for the firm.  He invented the concept of Total Mechanical Decoupling as a means to maximize expensive hardware reuse for diverse project requirements.     

After completing his Masters in Strategy and Finance, Mike co-founded The Strattica Group, initially as a consulting firm advising on the strategic application of capital.  Before long, Mike turned his advice 'inward', and Strattica Group bloomed into an investment and R&D firm.  In 2006, The Strattica Group made its first corporate acquisition: Electro Acoustic Co..  Mike's involvement transformed the company from Service-Based to Product-Based, designing user-oriented products of higher quality for just 20% of the cost.  Mike successfully exited Electro Acoustic Co. in 2010.   

Mike has held leadership positions in the Australian IT industry, as state Chair of the ITEE (Institution of Engineers), co-founder of industry peak body the Information and Communications Technology Industry Collaboration Center (ICTICC) and founder of the Commercial Technology Network, which sought to create regular Silicon Valley-style networking in Western Australia.

Mike's work has been recognized by the Institution of Engineers, being named one of 'Australia's 30 Most Inspiring Young Engineers', and in 2008, Mike was one of 15 selected by Santa Clara University's 'Silicon Valley Immersion Program' to learn how the Valley works from the inside.

Great Big Enterprises, Mike's latest venture, is redefining how the world plays games - blending social games with live action and augmented reality.  Somewhere in a small studio in Burlingame, a special kind of magic is being weaved …

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