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Senior Abram Dawson is passionately motivated to launch his start-up Cahoot, a mobile phone application that allows you to keep up and meet up with the people you want to see.  This new mobile app offers an easy, new way to organize your contacts, propose ideas, agree on plans, and keep up with the friends you are 'In Cahoots With.'   Abram resized

 "Let's say you want to meet up with some friends," Dawson proposes. "Cahoot allows you to connect with the people you want to see and suggest what you guys should do."  Abram was approached by his older brother Sam with the idea last May and it has since been a very gratifying project. 

  "During May, Groupon was becoming the next big thing and our idea wanted to center around suggesting these deals to a couple of our closest friends.  We wanted to make it more of a selective social network because broadcasting to 900 of your friends on Facebook doesn't seem realistic, rather you should send a 'hoot' to a selected group in your phonebook."  This free app has built-in practical privacy settings and integrates the contact list in your phone with maps, directed messag­ing, and simple tools for connecting and making plans.

 Abram is an Economics major and International Business minor, but has always had a knack for technology, graphic design and computer coding.  He is a self-taught computer wiz, who understands the necessity and importance of the world wide web, "so, for about three weeks, I camped out in the library and taught myself CSS and HTML. Since then, I've built over 10 websites. That number will continue to increase as I find the time to learn more programming languages." 

Currently, Cahoot is awaiting its launch.    It will begin as a free application and will expand gradually.  It will be used as a direct form of advertisement for local businesses as well.  Cahoot was recently featured in the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Start-Up Expo, where it received immediate attention from students.  "Convincing yourself that your own business is going to work and succeed is just as hard as convincing other people it will.  You have to really believe in the application or product you are trying to create." 

Abram was also a participant on the CIE's student entrepreneur panel as part of their Global Entrepreneurship Week activities.  The CIE also invited Abram to present Cahoot at a CIE Advisory Board Meeting. 

After graduation, Abram will eventually move back to Boston where his brother is, and find an office space for his growing venture.  This entrepreneur is determined and passionate, the perfect combination for someone trying to spread and innovative idea across the U.S.  "I hate the word Entrepreneur" Abram tells me.  "I always thought of creating an idea with the mentality; 'if he can do it, why can't I?"  Regardless of the word, Abram has always had a mindset for innovation it seems. 

 ~Cristiana Ortiz
Marketing, Communications & Logistics Assistant

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