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Congratulations to 2008 CIE eCouncil presenter Mobclix on their recent acquisition by Velti.  SCU alum Vishal Gurbuxani (BS & MS in Computer Engineering) founded the company in early 2008 together with Sumit Rai, Krishna Subramanian and Sunil Verma (BS & MS in Computer Engineering from SCU).  Later that year, the team presented Mobclix to the CIE eCouncil, a team of Santa Clara alumni dedicated to helping emerging startups with presentation and plan feedback, commentary and suggestions. 

Vishal recently shared the exciting news with the Santa Clara University community on the SCU Facebook page with the following:

Thank you Santa Clara University

by Santa Clara University on Wednesday, October 13, 2010 at 11:14am

My name is Vishal Gurbuxani and graduated from Santa Clara University with a BS in Computer Engineering in 2002 and a MS in Computer Engineering in 2003.

As I've grown and followed my dreams of starting my own company, I couldn't have been more fortunate and lucky to have graduated from SCU.

Half of the founding team all graduated from SCU with a degree in Computer Engineering. We were also fortunate to win the Engineering Senior Design Project in 2002 with the guidance of Dr. Figueira.

I remember back in 1998, when I was trying to figure out what school to go to, I was recommended by my High School Teachers to go to a Jesuit University. The ideals of developing the whole person has resonated with me and more importantly have given me the tools I need to be successful in life.

We strive to give back to the community and have since hired more SCU alum to our fast growing company. 

I  strongly feel that SCU students and more importantly, candidates, should realize about the importance of choosing SCU as their school of choice. SCU can feel free to leverage us in any way to help instill that level of excitement and encouragement to drive success after SCU.

When it's all said and done, one of my dreams have been accomplished and I couldn't have done it without SCU. From it's student body, Jesuit ideals, and amazing culture, it's been nothing but an amazing journey.

Thank You!

Quick Company Stats:

1. Founded in February 2008 (3 of the 6 Founding Team from SCU)
2. Company is at about 32 people (We hired 2 more full-time SCU students)
3. Doing over 7 billion ad impressions/month
4. Currently the largest mobile ad exchange in the marketplace today
5. Didn't take any Venture Capital Money, Bootstrapped the company and did an Angel Round
6. Targeting Information for over 100 million unique mobile users

It is with great pleasure that I share with you the latest update to Mobclix.

We've been acquired!

The company was started in February 2008 and launched 'officially' at TechCrunch 50 (now called TechCrunch: Disrupt) in 2008. In just 2 years of TechCrunch's anniversary, we were able to have a successful exit.   It has truly been a roller coaster ride to get here.

 Key Themes that I would like to share:

1. Never Give Up
-You have to have focus and dedication to embark on starting your own venture
-If you are passionate about something, you need to find people who support you and can act as your foundation when things get hard
-It is very important to get feedback from those that you respect, so you can always react accordingly

2. Trust your Gut
-It's critical to seek feedback and gain advice from mentors and experts, but in the end, they will only be able to provide you with data and trends from their perspective
-Once you do a thorough job of researching, don't expect the answer to come from someone outside yourself

3. Get Lucky
-I had to throw in this wild card. Unfortunately, it's the truth, ultimately you can have everything in the right direction, but you also need luck on your side
-You never know how you're going to get from point a to point b, but it could be as simple as meeting the 'right' person, who will point you in the right direction

4. Build the A-Team
-You can't do this yourself. It is critical/fundamental, that you're able to articulate your idea to someone else and more importantly build a team of people that will work with you towards the common goal
-Once you're able to get a best-of-breed team, you can start executing on the vision, with focus

5. Have Support
-Starting a company is by no means easy. It requires constant focus and sacrifices.
-Having a support structure is critical to you getting to the finish line. When things get rough, your support structure is critical in you being successful

6. Have Focus
-When you're starting something, you can easily get overwhelmed by doing too much
-Stay nimble and focus on doing things the right way
-Getting feedback instantly will drive your way to success.

There are many things I've learned along the way, please don't hesitate to ask away.

What's Next?

This question has been asked the most from all my Friends and Family.
-I will be staying on board with Mobclix (Velti) for at least another year (2011)
-I've been giving an amazing opportunity to grow Mobclix to the next level with the same team and I couldn't pass it up
-Our goal is to grow the company to 50 people by the end of the year and take over mobile advertising for 2011
-We will be moving into a bigger office in Palo Alto, but I will be in San Francisco pretty often

Thank You

I haven't said this enough, but Thanks for your support! I've had to make numerous sacrifices on many different levels to get to where I am today, but I couldn't have done it without you.


1.TechCrunch Release

2. Official Release

Upwards and Onwards
-Vishal Gurbuxani-



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