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Alumni Entrepreneur Spotlight: Evan Sanders



The Better Man Project

BetterManProjectSCU '12 alumnus Evan Sanders initially began a personal 30-day challenge towards becoming a better man, which soon developed into a lifelong challenge – therein establishing The Better Man Project. He shares his daily journey towards betterment, and the many lessons he learns throughout the process. 

Full of passion and determination, Evan Sanders talks about life, change, fear, and courage. His vision is this: "The world needs better men. This blog is simply about my journey to become a better man and the things I run into along the way." Since Fall 2011, he has established a comThe-Better-Man-Projectmunity of over 15,000 inspired and motivated followers who are engaged in their own personal development. 

On January 30, 2013, Evan published his first e-book based on his blog - it's less a self-help book and more an ongoing story of his own personal discovery. He wants to inspire people to live powerful and passionate lives, and his book is an example of this. His motto: "Love. Passion. Never Quit."

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~Written by Arlene Bhagat
CIE Marketing, Communication & Logistics Assistant

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