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Alumni Entrepreneur Spotlight: Whisk SF


Maggie Spicer, 2007 SCU alumnus and entrepreneur, shares her unique business experience in the wellbeing industry:


Whisk-Temp-Logo2007 Santa Clara University graduate Maggie Spicer is currently the Founder and Chief Creative at Whisk, a San Francisco firm changing the way companies approach employee perks and foster wellbeing. Whisk designs programs to bring balance to the workplace, from breakfast and afternoon treats, to health and movement sessions, to skill-building workshops. By partnering with some of the finest local producers and instructors San Francisco has to offer, Whisk brings the vibrancy and culture of the city directly into the office environment.

Launched earlier this summer, Whisk was inspired by two local trends: a sea change in new company culture, with leadership taking a truly holistic view of employees' wellbeing; and the blossoming talent of local business owners bringing new passion to traditional skills, who show us incredible ways to taste, move, learn and thrive in the world around us. Bridging those worlds gave birth to Whisk. With custom-designed packages that curate the office environment, Whisk's services help increase employee productivity, creativity, and job satisfaction, and generate new bragging rights for teams.

Before entering SCU, Maggie knew entrepreneurship was in her DNA. She enrolled as a business major, considering it the most practical foundation for future ventures, whatever they might be. With her entrepreneurial compass clearly set, however, she soon found that the Arts & Sciences program provided the depth of subject matter she needed to inspire and sustain her creativity.

“Anthropology opened a new world for me to explore through people and culture, which truly came to life while spending a year studying abroad in three corners of the globe. I felt lucky to weave together the rich fabric of that subject with a minor within the Business School covering the fundamentals of accounting, finance, and marketing. Though it’s often raised an eyebrow or two while networking since my days at SCU, the balance of practical, cultural and social skills from those two subjects provided precisely the well-rounded educational experience I needed; it has since provided a springboard for ideating and innovating, for making my mark as an entrepreneur by realizing ideas that truly resonate with people.”

“I kept very busy at SCU, getting my feet wet in more than a dozen organizations, programs, and activities, including a Jean Donovan Summer Fellowship, SCCAP, DISCOVER Program, Campus Ministry, Anthropology Review Board, da Vinci Community Council, ESL teaching, Paintbrush Diplomacy, Peer Judicial Board, Iron Bronco, and the Dining Services Committee. More than anything, the comprehensive education I received, rooted in social justice and grounded in community, and the relationships I built with faculty, peers, staff, and the global network honed during my time abroad truly shaped me to be an individual--and an entrepreneur--ready to dream big, trust the process, and make positive change happen.”

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Written by Maggie Spicer

Edited by Arlene Bhagat
~ CIE Marketing, Communications & Logistics Assistant
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