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 LUXIM Seeks Multiple Interns for Summer Internships

Monday, May. 16, 2011


The Company

LUXIM is a diversified lighting component manufacturer bringing to market the next generation lighting technology.  LUXIM’s Light Emitting Plasma technology, LIFI, has many advantages over conventional HID and LED lamp solutions, including efficiency, lifetime, cost of ownership and light quality.  Applications like medical instrument, projection display, entertainment, architectural, street & area lighting are being revolutionized to provide better performance at lower cost of ownership to the user and to the environment.

LUXIM is in production with customers worldwide and has a complete product line for general and specialty lighting.  Today the team of 50 people spans design engineering, operations, sales and marketing roles. 

LUXIM is well capitalized by Silicon Valley’s leading investors including Sequoia Capital, DAG, and Worldview Technology Partners  Past successes of Sequoia include Google, Linear Technology, YouTube and LSI Logic.  Past successes of Worldview include nVidia, Oplink and neoMagic.

Market Opportunity

The worldwide market today for high intensity light sources in the segments of medical instrument, projection display, entertainment, architectural, street & area lighting exceeds $5 billion.  LUXIM’s disruptive products present vast market potential since they present strong returns on investment in electric power and maintenance savings.  In addition, the improved spectral quality and output stability of LIFI products improve visualization in instrument systems and increase the attractiveness of illuminated environments in general lighting applications.

Intern Postions

Master's Program Candidates

Physics or Chemistry background
Background with metal halides material
Basic knowledge of quartz proprieties and reaction

Electrical Engineering
Basic  process knowledge – how to analyze data and find out trends in production environment
Statistical analysis background a plus

RF Engineering
Knowledge of how RF resonant cavity works
Q measurement of resonant structures such as cavities or inductors
Network analyzer calibration and measurements
Full-wave analysis and design using HFSS or similar software
Microwave passive circuit design, such as filters or directional couplers
Some knowledge about material propriety, mainly ceramic (dielectric constant, loss mechanisms, etc)

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