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The CIE offers those enrolled in the Graduate Entrepreneurship Program the opportunity to apply new entrepreneurial skills in emerging Silicon Valley startups.  A variety of paid and unpaid internships are available throughout the year.

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 Market Research Intern-Celebrate (CAPE Participant)

Wednesday, Sep. 21, 2011   (CAPE Participant)

3510 Charter Park Drive, Ste 48

Job Description:  Market Research for   
Market research to determine (and prioritize) the optimal market locales for  I expect that to help determine this information the intern will be identifying (and coordinating) the following data:    1) Top 50 cities using the internet.    2) Population demographics - we are looking for cities with the highest population of families with children ages 2-15.    3) Identify companies which are offering services similar to (if any); their revenue models; subscriber numbers, etc.

Desired Skills:  Comfortable with research projects.  Ability to be self directed (works well without supervision).  Comfortable with making 'cold calls' to companies in order to solicite information about ad rates, customer demographics, etc.  Cold calls may or may not be necessary if the information can be found by other means. Having your own lap top is a plus.

Part-Time Internship               Unpaid Internship
3-5 hours per week.                Undergraduate Student,Graduate Student

I am looking for someone to contribute not only the obvious information but also their input on any information that I may have missed.  Thank you.

Contact:  Marian Kicklighter

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