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The CIE offers those enrolled in the Graduate Entrepreneurship Program the opportunity to apply new entrepreneurial skills in emerging Silicon Valley startups.  A variety of paid and unpaid internships are available throughout the year.

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 Marketing & Revenue Plans Intern-Celebrate (CAPE Participant

Wednesday, Sep. 21, 2011 (CAPE Participant)

3510 Charter Park Drive

Job Description:  Marketing & Revenue Plans for   
Position Objectives:     1) Determine what the minimum and optimal number of page views or subscribers needed to sustain the revenue for    2) Determine the possible revenue sources for    Job Description: Determine how to acheive the objectives in the most efficient manner both in cost and time.    What do you want to spend and where would your spend it.  What would be the marketing objectives if you were deciding??    I am looking for your contribution in these areas.

Desired Skills:  Marketing and revenue research.  Strong familiarity with the internet.  The candidate must be imaginative and a self starter.  Ability to focus on the objectives and not get 'lost' on the intenet while researching. Excellent communication skills.

Part-Time Internship               Unpaid Internship
5-Mar              Undergraduate Student,Graduate Student

While this is an unpaid internship, know that your contribution is important.  For my part, I promise to listen and carefully consider all input.  Any interns working with can expect to enjoy a mentor-mentee relationship.  And to have fun!

Contact:  Marian Kicklighter      marian

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