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CAPE's Natasha Wallace Featured in Entrepreneurial Blogs

California Program for Entrepreneurship cohort member Natasha Wallace  was featured on two blogs focusing on women entrepreneurs. 

Natasha Wallace

Natasha is Co-Founder and Art Director of Red Seraphim, a social gaming startup that's truly Bronco-based...nearly every member of the team is a fellow SCU Bronco!  

In her guest blogger article published in September on Women 2.0, she discusses building and cultivating the perfect team.  In addition to driving the artistic feel for Red Seraphim's first title Kymera Keeper (currently in beta and preparing for launch), Natasha was also responsible for forming the team that realized the vision.    Read the full article here.    Women 2.0 is an emerging global media company for aspiring and current female entrepreneurs to launch successful scalable, innovative ventures.

Natasha was interviewed for wowElle on the focus of longevity of player engagement.  She discusses Red Seraphim's goal to create a deeper and more rewarding game experience.  Read the full article here.  

More about from their "How We Started":

Based in Santa Clara, California, Red Seraphim was founded to give gamers fun and rewarding game experiences.

In 2010, MBA candidates from Santa Clara University founded Red Seraphim because they saw a huge opportunity to create games in the social and mobile space, providing depth that other casual games lack. As avid gaming fans, the founding team knew their solution to today’s gaming problems had tremendous business potential.

Soon after, Red Seraphim took flight.

By New Year 2011, Red Seraphim rallied over twenty SCU students talented in business, engineering, and art. Despite our different backgrounds and majors, there is one thing we Seraphim have in common: the passion to prove ourselves by making a difference in the gaming industry.

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