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Google's "Search Party" Wants to Meet with Undergraduates on October 24


Search Party October 24

6-7 pm
California Mission Room, Benson Memorial Center


Representatives from Google's Undergraduate Relationship and On-Campus Recruiting are coming to Santa Clara University to conduct a "Search Party," which is similar to an information session but more interactive) on Monday, October 24, 6 pm-7pm in the California Mission Room, Benson.

This event is designed to provide you with some background on Google as a company, as well as shed some light into their corporate culture, opportunities for new graduates and their BOLD internship opportunity (on the business side). For some advance reference, feel free to click around: full-time new-grad opportunities can be found at and the BOLD Internship opportunity for Freshmen can be found at
This is a wonderful opportunity to get a glimpse into the opportunities available (both now and in the future-great chance to network and make contacts!).

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