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1991 Santa Clara University alumnus Tricia Trimble has launched her own company for skin care products, Suntegrity Skincare. Located in Los Angeles, CA, Suntegrity Skincare prides itself on its “natural, healthy, and holistic” sun care.

TrimbleHaving lost her mother to melanoma skin cancer, founder Tricia Trimble realized the significance of healthy sun protection, especially protection that does not contain chemicals and other toxic ingredients. With much investigation and research, Suntegrity Skincare was formed and now has a complete sun defense system which aims to reduce ultraviolet sun damage through natural ingredients and well-known antioxidants. This system includes a natural sunscreen line, sun defense dietary supplement, and SPF 30 suncreen. The company’s first product, called the Suntegrity All Natural Moisturizing Face Protection SPF 30, has received a #1 rating by the Environmental Working Group in 2010. You may find Suntegrity products online or in store. Currently, Trimble is looking to grow and expand her Sun Care product line.

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~Arlene Bhagat
Marketing, Communications & Logistics Assistant
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