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Jordan Agnew Named
2014 Outstanding
Student Entrepreneur

Congratulations to 2014 Outstanding Student Entrepreneur Jordan Agnew!   This honor is awarded annually by the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship to a graduating student enrolled in the Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Program in recognition of significant achievements in the program, acknowledgment of accomplishments in entrepreneurship and the promise of future success.    jordan mumble

When Jordan arrived at Santa Clara University as a freshman from Southern California, he hit the ground running with a number of ideas with the same theme--ways to make things better.  It's perhaps this thinking that makes him such a prime candidate for this award.

He was the youngest member of Santa Clara University's California Program for Entrepreneurship, having just completed his freshman year when he was accepted in the 2011 Cohort.   Jordan worked through several ventures throughout the program and certainly held his own with the graduate school-level content and was an active, engaged participant with an unmatched enthusiasm.

mumble mHe co-founded Mumble with fellow SCU student Aaron Ebert, with the goal to help connect people with shared interests and provide a platform for polling trending topics.   In just 15 days, they had more than 150 mumblers polling 1,000 mumbles.   Jordan has shared the Mumble story at a number ofCenter for Innovation and Entrepreneurship presentations including a number of CIE Advisory Board meetings and before a standing-room-only crowd at SCU Family Weekend.

jordan 3Earlier this year, he brought his startup experience to the Leavey School of Business Neighborhood Prosperity Initiative, working with San Jose small businesses.  His team worked with Romero's Cakes, owned and operated by the Romero family for more than 20 years in Downtown San Jose.  Jordan immediately started putting together ideas of how he could help them.  In his own words, "A project like this is why I minored in Entrepreneurship; I love the idea of being part of a small business and trying to come up with simple ideas to improve it.   I have spent countless hours reviewing case studies, defining markets, analyzing financials and other "business school 101" activities, but this experience feels like the one for which I have been building my skills."

Jordan is graduating with a major in Finance and a minor in Entrepreneurship.  He is indeed a shining example of what entrepreneurship at Santa Clara can do for our communities. 

He will receive this award at the Leavey School of Business Senior Awards Ceremony on June 13 with a presentation by Dr. Kumar Sarangee, Assistant Professor of Marketing.

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Graduate Student Life Awards:

Outstanding Student Leader:
Martha Andrews


"Providing vision, personal commitment, and motivation to their networks and the broader LSB community."
Martha Andrews, President of the Entrepreneurs Connection network

Dean's Leadership Award:
Alina Adams

Alina Adams

"Recognizing contributions to the Leavey School of Business, Santa Clara University, and the business community."
Alina Adams, Former Entrepreneurs Connection President

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