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The Santa Clara Entrepreneurs Organization (SCEO) provides a forum for networking and learning outside of the classroom.  The CIE works together with the club to bring exciting networking events, competitions, lectures and unique opportunities to aspiring entrepreneurs of all majors.

 SCEO at club fair

CIE Advisory Board Member Marc van den Berg serves as SCEO Chair and Dan Aguiar, Executive Director of Entrepreneurship Programs, serves as SCEO Advisor and club sponsor.  Please click here for a message from Marc van den Berg. 

2013-2014 SCEO Officers

Mark Eggenberger

Vice President
Charlotte Witter

Joel Engelman

Bridget Nelson & Julian Novais

Operations and Events
Matt Groetelaars & Adam Schellenberger

Website & Communications
Scott Hardy


Annual Alumni Social

Thursday, April 17
7-9 pm
California Mission Room 

Join us for a casual social with past and present SCEO members on Thursday, April 17, at 7 pm, in the California Mission Room.    

Get to know other members of the club and network with alumni and other students interested in entrepreneurship.  While we are an undergraduate club, we welcome our friends in the Entrepreneurs Connection Network and other graduate students to also join us--we recognize the value of collaboration and establishing a strong Bronco network! 

Special thanks to our club advisors, The Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship, for sponsoring our refreshments for the event.

Let us know if you can make it--RSVP Today

In compliance with the ADA/504 please direct your accommodation requests to: Linda Jenkins via email at at least 7 days prior to the event.




SCEO 2013-14 Events



SCEO  110 Logo 2010 11Business Plan Competition-Open to Graduate and Undergraduate SCU Students!

Thursday, January 30, 6 pm
Kennedy Commons

$3,500 in Prize Money and Refreshments sponsored by the Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship

The annual SCEO Business Plan Competition is scheduled for Thursday, January 30, 6-9 pm, in Kennedy Commons.  Share your game-changing business plan and prepare a team presentation (team comprised of 2-5 people).     Prizes will be awarded as follows:
$1,000 Grand Prize
$500 Second Place
$250 Third Place
BONUS Prizes:  Engineering/Senior Design Project Prizes
$1,000 Grand Prize
$500 Second Place
$250 Third Place

That's right, TWO sets of prizes!  Presentations may be up to 10 minutes, with a 5 minute Q&A.  Judges will be scoring based on the following criteria:
  • Is the business fundable?
  • Quality of the product(s), service(s), and/or solution(s)
  • Market opportunities and competition
  • Team qualifications
  • Overall attractiveness of the venture
In addition, please note:
  • Register online(link is to a Wufoo form) before midnight Monday, January 27
  • All teams must include current students-alumni are welcome; however, each team must have a current student in good standing.
  • Proposed business should be fundable
  • Proposed business plan should not be in violation of any IP rights
  • Teams or team members who have received any form of VC financing are not eligible
  • The registration form includes an upload of your executive summary, 5 page (or more)plan, and team resumes
Don't wait,register your team of 2-5 peoplebefore midnight on Monday, January 27!  We see a lot of student business plans here in the CIE, so we know that there are so many of you are ready to compete-Good Luck!  

Spectators are WELCOME!  Stop by for some free food and beverages and watch the excitement! 

Competition Results:



Congratulations to all competitors, and special thanks to our judges Shashank Saggar, Bill Buxton, and Gideon Shaanan.  Competition results are as follows:
  • $1,000 Grand Prize-Spare: Will Tylko and Shyam Mervana
    Spare is a portable flash storage that connects you to iPhone via bluetooth
  • $500 Second Place-HealthBites: Shilpa Mathew, Stephanus Widjaja, David Tsuzaki
    HealthBites is a dietary/food discovery app that uses your preferred dietary options to come up with the best choices for shops and restaurants.
  • $250 Third Place- Pindow: Daljeet Virdi, Yashesh Doshi
    Pindow is a web app that leverages data science breakthroughs to curate products to an Instagram-looking newsfeed. 
  • BONUS Prizes:  Engineering/Senior Design Project Prizes
    $1,000 Grand Prize
    Methane to Methanol:  Pankti Doshi, Jessica Garcia
    Methane to Methanol involves a low energy, high-volume process to convert methane to methanol, which can reduce our dependence on foreign oil.
  • $500 Second Place- Interactive LED: Jenpop Allport, Omar Rodriguez
    Interactive LED has designed a large-format LED display using printed circuit board technology for a commercial market, providing a self-service application for vision testing 
  • $250 Third Place-Waterproof Pocket:  Connor Schwab, James Anderson, Joseph Arico, Michael Grinnel, Declan Malley
    Waterproof Pocket is a fully waterproof and airtight pocket that can be retrofitted into any pair of swim trunks. 




SCEO-110-Logo-2010-11_1 Elevator Pitch Competition-Matthew Lightner Award

Competition Results-October, 24, 2013

This year's SCEO Elevator Pitch Competition, sponsored by the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, was one of the most exciting yet.  With 10 competitors, 3 judges and a countless amount of sandwiches, this year's competition was one to remember.  The winner of the Matthew Lightner $250 award, Emily Albi ('14),  pitched a very convincing, detailed and concise module of a 3d printer that uses melted plastic from water bottles and extrudes them as filament for the 3D printer.


Emily (pictured right) is a senior majoring in Mechanical Engineering.The idea is part of her Senior Design Project and has beeIMG_4431n an on-going project for quite some time.

The other ideas ranged anywhere from inexpensive wireless headphones to invincible phone cases.  A special thank you to the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and the Santa Clara Entrepreneurs Organization for a successful and unforgettable Elevator Pitch Competition.


A special thank you to our judges this year, including former SCEO President and SCU Alumni, Anthony Prieto. 

Mark your calendars for the SCEO Business Plan Competition scheduled for January 30th, 2014.  Information on registration will be available soon.



SCEO  110 Logo 2010 11Elevator Pitch Competition-Matthew Lightner Award
Thursday, October 24, 7 pm
O'Connor 104

Sponsored by the Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship and featuring the Matthew Lightner First Place Award.

Have an innovative idea?  A new product or business?  We want to hear it but only 60 seconds of it.  No slides, no visuals, just 60 seconds of pitching your innovative feasible idea.  Impress us and $250 can be yours. 

Register to participate by 5 pm October 23! (spectators do not need to register-just show up)

The only rules:
- You have 60 seconds max
- No slides
- No visuals

Refreshments provided by the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Spectators are always welcome and encouraged!


SCEO Competitions Archive



SCEO  110 Logo 2010 11Business Plan Competition

$1,000 Cash Prize sponsored by the Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship

The annual SCEO Business Plan Competition is scheduled for Thursday, April 25, 7-9 pm, Lucas Hall 126~Forbes Family Conference Center.  Share your game-changing business plan and prepare a team presentation.  A workshop on elements of a successful slide deck will be held on April 18 at the SCEO General Meeting.

Workshop:  Thursday, April 18, Time TBA, Locatelli Center

Competition:  Thursday, April 18, 7 pm, Lucas Hall 126

Competition Details 

Interested in watching?  Spectators are welcome and encouraged!!


The annual SCEO Business Plan Competition was held April 25.  In preparation, the CIE and SCEO invited Bronco alumni Tim Fong and Ernesto Paiz of Fong Ventures to present "How to Craft a Winning Business Pitch" at a workshop held before the SCEO Alumni Social on April 18.  

Congratulations to the winners:

First Place:  svCampus, Kanishk Desai & Valmik Desai
Second Place:  InforMe (Ashley Armstrong & Amanda Nelson)
Third Place:  InvestClub (Matthew Renner & Collin Burdick)



SCEO  110 Logo 2010 11Elevator Pitch Competition-Matthew Lightner Award

Sponsored by the Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship, the School of Engineering and featuring the Matthew Lightner First Place Award.

The Premise:  You just came up with a great idea, a business venture that will shock and awe...
You hop into the elevator at work to get to your floor, when suddenly, a potential investor jumps in right before the doors close...
It's a once in a lifetime opportunity, but it only lasts as long as the elevator ride..... 60 seconds.

The only rules:
- You have 60 seconds max
- No slides
- No visuals

Impress us in a minute or less, and $250 CAN BE YOURS!
Competitors receive a free SCEO shirt!

The annual SCEO Elevator Pitch Competition was held February 28 in O'Connor Hall.   More than 20 undergraduate students (from the School of Engineering, Leavey School of Business and the College of Arts & Sciences) presented to a full house and judges John Tylko, Anthony Prieto and Jonathan Meneze.  

The $250 Matthew Lightner Award for first place went to School of Engineering student Thomas Fairman for Beat Training.  This iPhone app integrates music and fitness in a new way with the workouts comprised of only body-weight exercises, allowing people to have an engaging workout anytime, anywhere.  This award was donated in memory of Bronco entrepreneur Matthew Lightner by his fellow classmates. 

The School of Engineering through Dr. Chris Kitts provided additional bonus cash awards, allowing a second and third place winner:

Second Place:  Robert Ross, School of Engineering, for his arduino-controlled walking/fighting robot desk toys with customizable behavior using pre-loaded scripts.

Third Place:  Michael Cooke, Leavey School of Business, for The Bronco Art Gallery.  This online art gallery would feature Santa Clara University students, alumni and professors to gain public recognition for their work. 

Refreshments provided by the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Spectators are always welcome and encouraged!


SCEO  110 Logo 2010 11SCEO Business Plan Competition 2012

May 17th, 2012

This year's SCEO Business Plan Competition, which was sponsored by the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, displayed a fantastic gathering of innovative ideas from SCU students.The competition is designed to promote and foster students with their entrepreneurial projects and ideas.The winner will also receive a $1000 grand prize to promote their venture.With a panel of Venture Capitalists and Professor's judging the competition, the winner came down to a tough decision.The winner of this year's annual Business Plan Competition went to Sammy Pontrelli and Saayeli Mukherjee's winning idea, 2DPN (Two Dimensional Paper Network).2DPN is a test strip, scientifically designed to detect any bacterial or waterborne illnesses.

"Our product is specifically designed for third world countries," Senior Sammy Pontrelli says."we would be able to make 2DPN at a very low cost because it's paper so it would be easy to manufacture."The Bio-engineering major met his soon-to-be business partner, Saayeli Mukerjee, a Finance major, only a week before the competition.The duo, who went first in the competition, didn't believe they did very well."We ended up leaving for a quick drink because we thought we didn't do that well compared to everyone else."To their surprise, upon returning to the competition, 2DPN was announced as this year's winning team.

"I'll probably put the money towards the project.I want to develop the technology to make 2DPN actually happen to form a conglomerate of bacterial diagnosis.Or it might just go towards my housing."Either way, the pair did a fantastic job and we can't wait to see how 2DPN develops in the future.


SCEO-110-Logo-2010-11_1 Be A VC Competition

February 16, 2012

Your Venture Group will soon be holding its yearly strategy session. The Partners in your firm have turned to you to create an initial investment thesis on ONE of the two following sectors: Cloud Computing or Mobile . Given that your fund has a 5-year investment horizon, $200 million of capital, and reserves up to $20 million of capital per prospective investment, you will make a 15 minute presentation to lay out your investment thesis on the chosen sector and recommend an attractive investment opportunity to the partnership based on your thesis.

Register here by February 10th to be eligible to receive up to $1000 in prizes.

Official Rules:

  • Teams of 3 to 4 current undergraduate students
  • 10 Slides, 1 page outline
  • 15 Minute Presentation + 5 minutes for Q&A
  • Registration due February 10th, 2011
  • Competition on February 16th, 2011

This competition is an internal competition used in preparation for the regional competition in April with both Stanford and UC Berkeley.
Example Slides from Previous SCU Winners/Contestants:
NorthScale (1st place in Internal Competition, 2nd place in Regional Competition) Team: Dean Hoang, Aris Harutyunyan, Preet Anand, more info here

Associated Content (First place in Internal Competition, 3rd Place in Regional Competition) Team: Chaz Flexman, more info here

More Info on the Regional Competition:Click here

Congratulations to the winners: Vincent Fong, Vaishali Parekh and Chewy Jang!

Double congratulations to Chewy Jang, who was also the winner of the SCEO Elevator Pitch Competition held in the Fall.  This competition and prizes were sponsored by the CIE:

Chewy Jang Elevator Pitch Winner

Register here



SCEO  110 Logo 2010 11Be a Barista Competition

February 9, 2012


 Do you have what it takes to become a barista? Come test your skills and see what it is like for a day. On February 9th, SCEO will be hosting a new competition to see who can make the best combination of a  non –alcoholic drink. In a team of one, two, or many, create a drink of your choice and sell it to the student body of Santa Clara. Each team will be given $50 and keeps the profit from each sale!

Register here by February 8th to be eligible to receive $50 for your team.

Official Rules:

  • One or more people should be at the table at all times
  • Must be some sort of potable liquid
  • In progress: Can only accept credit and cash unless an SCEO member present at the table
  • Must use only the space provided by SCEO
  • Make sure the beverages are school appropriate
  • $50 limit for all re-imbursements
  • Its good to do it in groups so that you all can take shifts throughout the day
  • We have the tables from 10-4 but maximize your time!!
  • Please give your receipts to an SCEO board member before you leave the event!

Register here
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For the latest SCEO news, visit the new website here.

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General Meeting:

May 8, 7pm, Kenna 216

Mark your calendars, we hope to see you there!

General Meeting Schedule:

October 3, 7 pm, Kenna 104

November 5, 7 pm, Kenna 216

January 16, 7 pm, Kenna 216

February 13, 7 pm, Kenna 216

March 13, 7 pm, Kenna 216

May 8, 7 pm, Kenna 216

Other events in addition to General Meetings will be posted separately.


From SCEO 2009-2010 Co-President Bret Gladfelty:

"The SCEO is here to get students to think outside the box and connect to give direction and help promote the concept of entrepreneurship regardless of major.  

An established Business Student Association in the Leavey School of Business, we focus on advancing entrepreneurship with competitions, business endeavors and workshops. Our elevator pitch competition with a $250 prize to the top idea is just one of the many opportunities available.  A core group of members attended the CEO conference in Chicago and we look forward to putting the knowledge and connections we established there into practice with all of you as we move forward."