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Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The eCouncil is an alumni and faculty advisory group representing various areas of expertise within the high technology startup ecosystem. The group acts as a sort of 'pre-council', giving early stage entrepreneurs advice, encouragement, connections and a source of accountability to help them launch as efficiently as possible.

The CIE is proud to announce the re-launch of eCouncil, which will be conducted on an ad-hoc basis.  The first step is to contact Executive Director of Entrepreneurship Programs Dan Aguiar with your venture information.  An executive summary and your latest resume is all that's needed to begin the process and set up an initial meeting to review and determine the next steps. 

Be prepared to put together a 3-5 minute elevator pitch and a 15-20 minute powerpoint presentation.  

The CIE and eCouncil team is here to provide feedback and guidance in the form of leads, contacts, and general business counsel.


2008-09 eCouncil Meeting Photos and Information

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